Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Five for Fall

One of my faves, QBS, tagged me in a fun post to name 5 goals for the fall and nominate 5 blogs to follow in my footsteps.  She is, not only, the queen of goals but also the queen of meeting them.  It's a lot to live up too!!!

Here we go.....
1.  Find a Halloween costume for Spencer.  I am NOT a Halloween person and strongly dislike dressing up, so I don't really give this stuff much thought.  However, since I've gGeot a little one at home, it's something I now have to think about every year.  I currently have no ideas, so if you have a great one, let me know!!

2.  Make these.  Because, seriously, yum!!  I also need to make Vineyard Vogue's pumpkin chocolate chip bread (one of B's faves).  It's pumpkin season, finally!!!

3.  Finish our two art projects we have going on (making a mirror for our mantle and a subway sign) and get another room in our house painted.

4.  Get to an orchard to pick apples.  I need to make homemade applesauce and stuff myself silly on Honeycrisps. 

5.  Get our yard/plants/gardens bedded down for winter, get all the deck furniture cleaned and put away, and put SYT's sand and water table away (maybe in the basement with rice in it). 

The five people I'd like to see fabulous fall goals from?

Thanks for the tag, kHm!!!!


  1. Oh...thank you for the tag! Need to finish my 10 day challenge. It's taking me like 3 weeks :) And then I will do this one!

    Make him a lobster!

  2. Fun!! Thanks so much. . . Will get to work on this!! {Thanks for your comment on the boy - we are excited and still surprised!!}

  3. We truly are meant to be friends - I hate to dress up for Halloween. Its crazy here in our neighborhood - people go ALL out, adult party and everything. I have managed to get out of it for 3 years now!! Love Fall - so many things to look forward to!


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