Thursday, January 29, 2009

A little disappointed....

So, my boys in blue lost last night :( But I do have to give so much credit to Wake Forest- those boys played their hearts out!! They totally shut down Duke's 3 pt shooting (which is definitely one of their strong points). It'll be interesting to see how the next game against the Demon Deacons goes. It'll also make the conference tournament interesting when UNC gets added in!!

On a better note, I have tomorrow off!!!!!!! I have lots of errands to run, I finally get to go to the gym for a workout, and I have homework to accomplish for the week. I am back to work on Saturday and then my next day off is the next Sat (2/7). Between clinical for school and regular work, my hours have been crazy since September. I'll be SO glad when it's April and my life gets back to normal. Though graduation isn't until May, I'll be done with all my required clinical hours at the end of March. What I'm most looking forward to is working out regularly, baking more, and seeing my friends on a much more regular basis. I've really had to give up some of my favorite things in order to get through school, and it'll be nice to be "back to normal".

BTW, seriously jealous of GRITS today. 80 degrees and sunny in FL? I wish!! Tomorrow, I'll show you some pics of last weekend and why it was so wonderful (and worth working a lot of weekends!!) I can't wait to read about all your weekend plans! It'll keep me busy during my down times at work on Sat!

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