Saturday, January 31, 2009


Check out my two new ADORABLE J Crew dresses!! You'll never believe where I got them!!
Keep reading....... Cotton Cady Daisy dress in light pink
Cotton Cady Claudine dress in navy

So, did any of you happen to know that TJ Maxx is now carrying J Crew? The associates didn't know if this would continue or not, but when I went yesterday afternoon, it was a very pleasant surprise!! I picked up two of their cotton cady dresses for $19.99 each- SUCH A DEAL!!!!!!!!!!! If you have an opportunity, get thee to a TJ's this weekend to check it out. They were going fast. The Chicago TJ's on Fullerton even had two of their wedding gowns, one a size 6 and one a size 8. They looked to be in perfect condition and were also selling for $19.99. You just can't beat that!!!!!!! They also had some cute, silk tank tops (unfortunately none in my size) as well as multiple dresses, a few jackets, and a random assortment of men's khakis (for $14!).
I'm so excited to wear both of these dresses. I'll take the pink one with me on our honeymoon in May and then the navy I'm going to wear to one of the weddings we have this summer. I'm going to add a hot pink ribbon right wear the pleats start to brighten it up a bit.
Please let me know if any of you happen upon any other great deals there this weekend! I also ended up getting a VV belt for $3.99 (it's all in pinks) and a few Vera Bradley stationary items on clearance as well. It was a GREAT shopping trip!!

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