Monday, April 23, 2012

A few Spencer favorites

*Currently loving "alks" in the stroller

*Always asks for "Alleluia" as his bedtime song.  Cracks me up to think that my little guy would rather hear a church anthem than any of our other bedtime songs.

*Preferring long picture books to the shorter board books.  He pays attention all the way through and can pick out which books he wants that night by telling us the characters in the book. 

*Is starting to get picky about which socks, which shirt, which outfit he wants to wear.  Seriously, he's only two.  I thought I had at LEAST one more year of getting to dress him however I wanted.  Luckily he has no concept that character outfits exist, so I never get asked for an Elmo shirt or Cookie socks.  He does ask for his "dolf shorts" when it's 34 degrees out, so we still need to work on appropriate dressing for the weather.

*Loves his Little Tykes golf set.  He's actually improving quite a bit with making contact with the ball.  It's super cute to watch.

*Vocab is still growing daily.  "Tookie Momert" is now 100% Cookie Monster; says things like "Daddy has it" and "Help you" (can mean help me or help you). 

*Still loves to watch all the videos we take of him on the ipad.  His current favorite is of him "making" (baking) in the kitchen. 


  1. Thank goodness he doesn't have any character clothing :) My nephew wouldn't take off his Buzz Lightyear PJs for like a week.

  2. If you only knew how perfectly this reads, it paints such fabulous pictures in my mind, it is amazing. I especially like "dolf shorts"!

    Sending you smiles and a hug,


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