Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wedding Weekend

We spent Labor Day weekend on Mackinac Island celebrating the wedding of our good friends from Chicago. B has known the groom since their Glee Club days together at Miami, and the bride we've now known for about 4 years. They're an amazing couple, and we know they'll have a fabulous marriage.
We were able to see a bunch of our Chicago friends, which was lovely. We miss them a LOT, and though the time together was short, it was wonderful to catch up.
We took my mom and Ralph up to the Island with us since we decided to take the boys. They babysat for us while we were at wedding activities. It was so nice to have them there (even amongst the very close hotel room quarters). Spence absolutely adores his Mimi and Bobo (Abuelo), so anytime they're around, he is happy. We had one massive meltdown due to tiredness and hunger from Spence, and Peter was quite fussy in the evenings when B and I were out, but, for the most part, things went well. I would love to go on and on about how awful our "resort" experience was, but I won't. If you do read this and are planning an overnight experience on Mackinac Island in the future, though, please discuss with me first- I would never, ever, ever recommend Mission Point (where we stayed).
This weekend away was our last planned trip for as long as I look at the calendar. We don't know our holiday plans yet, and we know we want to get up north one weekend this fall, but we don't have it picked out yet, so, for now, we are just home and settled. This is good as we have a lot to catch up on around here!!

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