Monday, September 17, 2012

Who wants to give me travel ideas?

B and I celebrated our fourth anniversary in August. It was relatively uneventful this year as I had just gone back to work, he had to go out of town for a conference, and our heads were spinning in all kinds of directions. We had a good dinner at home with a glass of wine and called it good :)

Next year will be our 5 year anniversary (and 9.5 years of dating!), so we would like to do a trip away. The boys will be 1&3, so we feel comfortable leaving them with my mom and Ralph for a long weekend, but we aren't ready to go somewhere for a week or two.

Here are a few criteria we have:
1. Our time constraint is 4-5 days.

2. We would like to stay continental- US, Canada, a relatively close island would all be fine. We do not want to have jet lag since we will be gone a relatively short time.

3. Since we won't have the boys, we don't need a family friendly place. We would prefer somewhere that has fun daytime activities/lots to explore and has amazing restaurants. We don't necessarily need a huge nightlife scene, but we would probably take advantage if there was one.

4. We don't want to be on more than 2 flights. Living in GR, you can't really get anywhere without transferring at a major hub, but we don't want 3 flights either.

5. Our anniversary is in August, but we would be willing to go anytime August through October. August is beautiful in Michigan and we tend to have lots of plans that month, so travel in the early fall would be totally fine with us!

A few places we have thought about so far:
Boston, Seattle, Vancouver, Charleston, New Orleans, New York City (I've never been and B was last there when he was 18), Montreal, or Napa. We haven't really explored the idea of a tropical resort getaway as we've really been thinking more big city exploration, but we'd be open to pretty much anything.

We don't want to go anywhere in CA unless it's Napa, we don't want to go to FL, Chicago is out, and we'd like to get out of the midwest.

So.......lay it on me. Where should we go (currently we are dreaming so price doesn't matter at all. We also have enough Hilton points to stay pretty much anywhere for free so that helps a bunch!!), why should we go there, and what are your top three must do/see while we are there? I am all ears!!!


  1. This might be a stretch travel wise (and perhaps 3 flights since it's 2 for us from Philly) but Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda, BVI is AMAZING. We honeymooned there and have been back once since and it is SO amazing. It is a Rockefeller resort (Jumby Bay and Caneel bay are also properties by them) and we'd stay at any of the 3 given the chance.
    However, since that is a lot of plane time, my other recommendation would be the Outer Banks of North Carolina. If you go off season (we've gone the first week of October in the past) you have the entire place to yourselves and everything is still open and the weather is absolutely perfect. We rented a house the last two times (but I know there are hotels there as well) and it's just been an awesome, relaxing, fun beach vacation. Thirdly, maybe someplace like Vail or Breckenridge? It's not quite ski season but the weather would be gorgeous and the hotels are fantastic. If you can make it to the islands though, British Virgin Islands are spectacular :) Good for you for getting away just the two of you, you deserve a break!!

  2. We LOVED Puerto Rico - we went in October as a birthday trip. However, it turned out to be a babymoon as well because I was like 10 weeks pregnant (I obviously wasn't pregnant when we planned it)

    It was a quick flight (direct - like 3 hours) and since it's a US Territory, you don't need a passport, so it's an easy in and out (no customs, etc.) The island is beautiful - lots to do or you can just lay on the beach. We mainly just lounged at the pool/beach, but did spend one day in downtown San Juan, which was cool to see. It's a very safe island as well. We stayed at the Marriott resort there and I would recommend it! Let me know if you want more info!

  3. NYC - plenty to do over a long weekend - theatre, museums, Statue of Liberty, WTC Memorial, Little Italy, Central Park, Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center, St. Patricks, 5th Ave and of course plenty of people watching. Come to NY - we love company!!!

  4. I vote for Napa. I'm from Northern California and it is my favorite place in the world no matter how many times I go.

    Try Healdsburg (in Sonoma) as it has the cutest town square and best wineries. Very romantic, great great food and perfect fall weather and close to SFO or Oakland airport!

  5. My comments based on your list.....

    New Orleans is nice, but not my favorite place.
    NYC is likely on our weekend away list since I haven't been for 12 years (hubby goes all the time for work)
    We went to Montreal this summer. It was great. It's like a European vacation without the long travel and jet lag
    Northern CA - I agree with the comments above. Healdsburg is a great town and it's more quaint/quiet on the Sonoma side. You can still do Napa wineries. Plus good food and outdoor spaces to explore.
    Charleston is lovely, too.

    Not sure I helped, but thought I would throw my two cents out there.

  6. Boston, duhhhhhhh!

    Failing that, Door County is lovely in the fall- fly in to Green Bay & rent a car.



  7. I'm completely enamored with Charleston after our anniversary trip there last fall, so that would get my vote. Gorgeous scenery, intriguing history, terrific restaurants with a little nightlife, and just enough to do for a long weekend trip. Fun!

  8. I vote Boston!!!! I am sure QBS can give you many suggestions...if you need more my sister lives in Beacon Hill! You can have lobsters one night and Italian in the North End the next! So historic, delicious dining and nightlife too!

  9. Charleston! My husband and I got married there and travel back there for our anniversaries. Amazing food, history, and culture. Prices are low in August since it's so hot there, but fall is also a wonderful time to visit.

  10. Hi! I'm a regular reader of your blog (haven't commented before!)and thought of you this morning when I was reading an older post from another blog I read, A Blog About Love. Anyhoo, she posted her fave spots in NYC (see link below) and it made me want to go there pronto. I thought about suggesting it for you yesterday because given your parameters its the perfect place for your anniversary trip! I absolutley love visiting NYC and its perfect for a kid-free getaway because exactly what makes it amazing--museums, long long city walks, teeny restaurants, late dining, germy subways, taxi rides and that whole 'city that never sleeps' thing is what also makes it not as fun to visit with little ones in tow. Take advantage of being without your boys and take on NYC for the weekend--without a stroller or diaper bag! Here's the link I told you about:

  11. Vail! It is so beautiful in the summer.
    Chris and I went there for our 10th anniversary last August. You can fly direct from GRR to Denver and drive two hours to Vail (a really pretty drive). We went a Tuesday to a Friday. It was our first time away from the kids.

  12. Definitely NYC in October. 3 words. You've Got Mail.

  13. Charleston in late September/early October. The weather has been just GORGEOUS in SC this week- Highs near 80, low humidity, evening temperatures around 60. It's perfect.

    There are a TON of fabulous restaurants in Charleston, shopping in the Market and on King Street, the Aquarium, Fort Sumter, beaches (Isle of Palms & Sullivan's Island are right across the bridge from downtown), carriage rides, ghost name it, there's a ton to do! It's fun to just walk around downtown with all of the history. Then there are beautiful plantations just a short drive from downtown, as well- Boone Hall, Middleton Place, etc. Just a great time of year in South Carolina!

  14. NYC!

    Our 5 year anniversary is next summer too! We are thinking of doing a long weekend away as well, but haven't even started thinking about it. I guess I should get on that!

  15. New York City would be my choice. You can find anything you would potentially be looking for. Central Park is beautiful in the fall.

  16. I know you said no FL, but we spent our 16th last year in Oct in Miami Beach and had an awesome time. We, too wanted the same time zone and one flight change. The restaurants at Foutainbleu were fabulous. The shopping, the beach. The weather. Just wanted to suggest. We've spent a few anniversaries in NYC. My favorite city! You cannot go wrong there. I'd skip New Orleans. Esp in Aug.It's loud and dirty. We've been 3 times and 2 were to appease Mr. Pink. LOL! Charleston in the fall is great. (skip AUG!!)Great restaurants, bars, shopping in a walking city. And the beach is a short drive. Pre-kids we did a San Francisco/Napa combo trip and I really want to do it again one day. Nappa is very laid back so being a tourist in San Fran was a good way to mix it up. Have fun. I want to go to Boston this year. Only been on business so didn't see too much.

  17. We go to Napa as often as we can, which after kids is maybe every other year. It's my favorite place in the world. We're really into wine, but one of the best things about Napa is how friendly, accessible, and laid-back it is even if you know nothing about wine. The first time I went I expected it to be a little stuffy and snobby and it was just the opposite. Easygoing, relaxing, beautiful. Some of the best restaurants in the world. I'm actually working on a blog post on my favorite places in Napa and recommendations since I get asked about it all the time. It's an easy drive from San Francisco.


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