Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful heart

(image from MS- love the elegantly primitive dining room. The mantle is beautiful)

I am thankful......

for the amazing husband that God has blessed me with. I would marry him all over again.

for my two sweet sons who make me smile every single day. They've filled holes in my heart I didn't know I had.

for my family who loves me, my husband, our boys. We love them too!

for our jobs that provide us with intelectual stimulation, financial stability, and opportunities for growth.

for a kitchen that has an island big enough for all kinds of baking.

for a roof over our heads that is becoming "ours" with each improvement.

for my dearest friends that I can rely on, laugh with, commiserate over toddlerhood with and chat about nothing and know that it was an amazing conversation.

for God who has provided me with so much and truly blessed me and my family.

I am truly thankful, not only this week but so often throughout the year.


  1. You are so blessed! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And I owe you an email...xoxo

  2. Just beautiful. And we are thankful for you too!




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