Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy shopping Wednesday to me!

Just ordered this darling ruffled shirt from The Gap on sale and cannot wait to get it! It's an additional 20% off today with the code gapgift. Plus free shipping on orders over $50, so, of course, I had to add a few things for the boys into the cart :)

They have some really great deals over there if anyone in your family needs anything!

Anyone out there plan on getting up early on Friday? Will you do most of your shopping in the store or on the web? I would love to shop at any time that day but none of the people I will be with over the holiday weekend want to go out, so we'll just hang out instead. Luckily I have about half of my Christmas shopping done and ideas for most of the people on my list!

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  1. I will not be shopping! I would rather do online, but not motivated for some reason. I usually have half my Christmas shopping done by now.

    And I love that shirt!


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