Friday, March 15, 2013

In exactly three weeks.................

The fabulous MCW will be coming to visit me!!!!!!!!!

When B and I were discussing Christmas presents this year, I mentioned in passing that meeting Molly would be an amazing present.  He knows we "talk" via our blogs (he reads hers too) and over email, and he knows that I totally think she is amazing. I did not expect for him to follow through on this as it was just kind of a pipe dream. I actually was hoping for new black boots- and what I got was WAY better!! You should have heard the screaming I did when I opened up a letter from him with her picture in the middle and then the emails communicating back and forth between the two of them prior to Christmas.

About a month ago, I finally talked to her for the first time on the phone and we booked her plane ticket to come in April! I am SO excited. Like, really, really, really excited. She is flying in Friday morning, and I am sending the boys to daycare for the day so that we can hang out without their naps/behavior dictating our schedule. I adore my boys but I am so excited to have an adult day! Friday night we'll have dinner at home after the boys go down and, I'm sure, go through a bottle or three of wine. Saturday night we have a babysitter booked so that we can all go out together.

Grand Rapids is certainly not an amazing metropolis, but I am hoping that just meeting and getting to know each other and eating and lots of wine will make for the most amazing weekend!! Cheers to new friends, huh? This is why I love the blogging world!!  Seriously, I have a list of at least 5 other bloggers I would love to spend a weekend with. Too bad none of them live anywhere close to Michigan, huh?

So, tell me, have you already met other bloggers that you didn't previously know? Was it totally weird or was it amazing? Who would you love to meet if you had the opportunity?


  1. Yayee!!!

    You should have included that I was on a bad match date, went to the bathroom, read my emails, saw the one from Blair with the subject "totally random" and I got so excited I wanted to tell someone. However decided it would be super weird to tell my date that I just got an email from "my friend Anne's husband who I met blogging, who I have never met asking me if I wanted to come to Michigan for the weekend as a Christmas present for his wife.

  2. Can't wait for the Thomases, wine and the great state of MI!

  3. Met MCW a few years back- you will love her tons!



  4. That is so awesome!!! There are so many women in the blogging community that I would love to meet. I hope you two have a great visit!

  5. I am jealous!! You guys are going to have so much fun. I met kate from daffodils blog and she is fantastic. It wasn't weird at all.

  6. I just came over from Molly's blog- what an amazing gift from your husband!! you will have a blast. I met Molly,3+ years ago, but i was drunk. You will have so much fun :)

  7. Aww that is awesome! I haven't met Molly, but we have mutual friends that I met through blogging when I lived in DC. Have an amazing time!


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