Tuesday, March 26, 2013

For parents.....

Everyone who has a small child really needs to read this article. Like, today, right now. Toddlerhood is wonderful and fascinating and surprising and exhausting. It's not easy to discipline. It's not easy to know which limits have to be set every time or which can bend a little bit for a special day. It's not easy to know when to give up the nap and then have everyone miserable during dinner because MELTDOWN MODE is on. It's not easy to practice manners at home and then have your child ignore all those teachings in public. It's not easy to have all the time in the world to play when in the back of your mind you've got to make dinner, do laundry, do yardwork, clean the house, etc. It is amazing to see them learn. It is amazing the hysterical things that come out of their mouths. It is amazing to get hugs and kisses without prompting. It's amazing to hear prayers before bed and to hear them recite their favorite books by heart. It's amazing!!! This article helps us to remember that we are not alone in the process and we are all doing a great job (most of the time, anyway!!)

This other article is one I've seen around FB and in the blogosphere, but if you haven't read it either, please do. Totally worth the read. Her blog, in general, is SO truely spoken. I love it!

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  1. These are such great articles. I especially like the first, especially right now as I try to love and entertain our almost-two-year-old, but am often feeling the pull of a newborn. It's a tricky balancing game every day - and it's reassuring to know that we don't have to love every single second to be wonderful parents. There are hard times! But yes, in the end, it is wonderful and that view from Everest is a great one!

  2. Thanks AEOT!!
    I often think about the good ole days of WMU and miss them so much. Some days I wish for easier days of 4th Eldridge when our biggest problem was what to wear or who was driving on Friday night?!?
    I wouldn't trade my kids for the world and love them dearly but some days.....
    Love ya girl,

  3. Loved that article. Just last night we went from biting and spitting in my face to cuddling before bed reading books and saying prayers. Struggles and joys, but all part of it.

  4. From a non-parent's point of view, I just love love LOVE toddlers. From the mouth's of babes! I always try to offer a gentle smile to moms in stores when kids are having meltdowns. But I imagine you must feel the weight of the world on your shoulders during most incidents.

    Thanks for your sweet comment today!

  5. Okay I just found you from Pink in a sea of blue and I just love you. That article you mentioned is the best thing I have ever read! I have to post about it on my blog too!!!!

  6. Wonderful articles! Thanks for sharing. I can't tell you how many times I've felt guilty for not "cherishing every moment". I love my kids but they are a lot of work.


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