Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Prenancy updates

1.  We're 32 1/2 weeks along.  7 1/2 weeks to go! 

2.  I'm measuring two weeks ahead and have been for awhile.  It doesn't mean much apparently.  Per the midwife, it doesn't mean I'll deliver early and it doesn't mean I'll have a big baby.  They don't worry at all unless I start measuring 4 weeks ahead. 

3.  We've done two childbirth classes and a breastfeeding class (more on that in another post)

4.  My shower is at the end of the month.  I cannot wait to see my friends and family!  They're all coming here, and I'm super excited to show them the nursery and the house since most of them haven't been here yet.

4.  I got a darling black and white dress for said shower.  I really like it and will probably wear it the next week to church for Easter as well. 

5.  I wish we had another ultrasound- I'd love to see what Pud looks like now.  I do have to say that if we had another one, I'd have a really, really hard time not finding out the sex.  I'm DYING to know now. 

6.  We bought two packs of diapers over the weekend.  Yikes!  First foray into that world.  Does anyone have opinions on brands that they want to share?

7.  What were your favorite sleepers/jammies for the first 3 months?  I'm starting to get to the point where I need to think about what Puddin is going to wear, and I know that in the first 3 months Pud won't be in much more than sleepers.  (Though it is going to get a frickin awesome 4th of July outfit!!!!  I cannot wait to pick that out!!!)

8.  I'm starting to have backaches towards the end of the day now.  It must be the weight bowing me forwards.  I'm trying to have good posture (or at least think about my posture quite often!).  I'm also waking up a lot in the middle of the night to change positions from side to side to side again.  I usually don't have to get up to go to the bathroom until 5:30 or so, so that's a bonus!!

9.  Today Pud was moving around like crazy.  LOVE it.  Though sometimes I have to push on it a little bit to get it out of my ribs (and B seriously thinks I'm going to smoosh it), I could literally lay around and just focus on my belly and feel it.  It definitely absorbs you and sucks you in.  It makes you love it!!!  I cannot wait to cuddle with it when I also don't have to hold onto my own belly at the same time :)

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