Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bath time!

SYT loves his baths!  While we were at my mom's, we bathed him in the kitchen sink as he is now too big for the bathroom sink and still too little for the bathtub.  He was incredibly happy as you can see above (ignore the fact that his incompetent momma put the tag of the washcloth right up front!).

Who is this big thing that can reach the sink when standing on all four legs?

Okay, mom, I am soooo done with this picture stuff.

All clean and bundled in my towel

The only thing sweeter than a freshly bathed baby is a freshly bathed baby who immediately falls asleep!  Just look at that baby soft skin and those little wrist rolls.  Yummy!


  1. Ah, so sweet! I remember the days of baths in the sink - such fun.

  2. I want to eat his cheeks! So cute!

    He looks like his dad to other people say that?

  3. Oh goodness, what a glorious set of photos! The one with him looking at Junie looking at him is darling, and his eyes, oh those eyes!

    What a love he is, I'm infatuated. Completely enchanted by him.

  4. Oh Annie, what a little love muffin! Hope he is feeling all sorts of better, I know that helps mama sleep better too!!

    So so sorry it's been forever since I wrote to you, having my MIL here for 2+ weeks put a big strain on my personal time after work! I have a post scheduled with all my Michigan photos for this week, I think you will love :)

    Wishing you a cozy relaxing weekend with your two loves - btw - for now, I think SYT looks like B....just my opinion - one handsome young man for sure though!!

    All my love xoxoxo Trishy


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