Friday, September 10, 2010


B.E.G ( a fabulous runner, great source for recipes, and all around darling girl) tagged me in this fun tag the other day, so I thought I'd give it a go...............

1.What is your go-to source for gossip - celebrity or otherwise?
Ummmmmm....well.............I don't really do celebrity gossip.  In fact, I always have to ask my husband (yes, my husband!!) who people are and why people are talking about them.  I really could care less about most famous people, and for those that I do find interesting, I still just don't have the time to research gossip.  Real Housewives of anything????  I've never seen an episode.  Pretty much any reality tv (besides Top Chef and Amazing Race) never crosses my radar.  For friend gossip?  Well, my friends Katie, Annie, and Julie usually know more than I do about everyone and everything.  I just call them to catch up with them and they fill me in on everyone else.  Works for me!

2. What actress would you like to play you in a movie?
Jennifer Garner, hands down!

3. What size shoes do you wear?
7.5 or 8.  I'm so typical American girl!

4. Would you rather be rich and miserable or poor and happy?
Poor and happy.  I'm really good at making do, I'm very content at home, I can bake on the cheap to still celebrate all of life's occasions, and I'm just not very good at being miserable :)

5. What is your favorite meal in all the world?
B.E.G. this is impossible to answer!  My favorite food experience of all time was at Cinc Sentis in Barcelona- I cannot begin to describe how amazing it was.  I love the typical Thanksgiving meal- turkey, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, green beans (NOT the casserole) and apple pie.  Pretty much any kind of big breakfast.  A fall meal of roasted pork tenderloin, grilled potatoes, acorn squash, a veggie, and pumpkin cheesecake with bourbon whipped cream- how can you go wrong?  I love food, ladies, I love food!

6. What was the lowest grade you recieved in school and why?
I got a B in both Chem classes I took in college.  They were tough!!!! 

7. What did you do on your 21st birthday?
My 21st birthday was a Mon or a Tues, so my friends had a little party for me at Lisa and Sarah's apt.  I bought the booze since I was the first one to turn 21!  And I definitely wasn't the type to go out on a weeknight- I was a big fat nerd who felt that skipping class was not worth it.  That Thursday I went out with a bunch of my sorority sisters and I told my bestie that I hated her when she dragged me home kicking and screaming telling her that I was NOT drunk and did NOT need to leave.  Ummmmm.....until I was throwing up 20 min after arriving at home and completely miserable.  See why she's my bestie??? 

8. What item is on the top of your "I want!!" list right now?
A new watch.  The current watch I have is one I got for my 18th birthday, and it is really past its prime.  I've had the glass replaced twice, but now the band is getting gross and the clasp will unclasp at random times throughout the day.  I would love one with a larger face, I think I want a white face, and it has to have the day and date on it.  I've been looking at Citizen Eco Drives, but am starting to think about expanding my search.  I don't want to spend more than $400 (watches can get sooo expensive), and it definitely needs to be water resistant as I have to wash my hands 20-30 times a day at work.  Any favorite watchmakers out there that I should start looking at??

My job is to create 8 questions and tag 8 people, so here goes:
1.  What is your ideal number of children?
2.  What color flatters you the most?
3.  What is your favorite household chore?  And which do you wish the little fairies would do overnight?
4.  What is your favorite book of all time?
5.  What do you sleep in?
6.  Red or White?
7.  Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?  Why?
8.  What is your ideal job (regardless of current schooling, training, etc)

I tag:
Preppy Pit
Muffy (and her darling new puppy!)

Can't wait to see what you all have to say!


  1. I remember your 21st (although you may not). Good times!

  2. Aww! My dear! thanks for tagging me :) Love that you ask your hubby about gossip! LOL!

  3. thanks for the tag! Great questions... I will work on this and post this in the very near future.


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