Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Our weekend up north was fun, not too hectic (thank goodness), filled with all kinds of weather, and truly enjoyable.  I tried to take pics of friends and not just SYT, though my camera still ended up with about 1000 of him.  Funny how that happens with the first baby, huh?

Friday night after everyone arrived, we went to SD's for cocktails and then went to the Noggin Room (a standard) for dinner and a little more drinking.  Funny how I can talk to these girls and guys all the time and STILL have tons of "catching up" to do.
(Nan's MIL knitted the gray sweater above.  I wish I would've gotten a full shot of it.  You all would be sooo impressed.  I'm hoping she'll knit one for me as well- it's the perfect sweater for fall!)

(Can you tell these three are sibs?  All three of them have the most incredible blue eyes.  E, the oldest, starts Kindergarten on Tuesday!  She's so excited and told me all about it, including her first day of K outfit!  Too cute!)

Saturday was cold and rainy- all day long!  Mom and I got up early and went to a TRX class at her gym since I knew there would be no walking with SYT along the lakefront.  The TRX class is an awesome workout, and I definitely felt it Sunday morning.  After we were back, Mom, B, Junie, SYT and I met up with my aunt, uncle, and their two dogs and did one of the trails that we often snowshoe in the winter.  It was only a 2 mile hike, however, it is very hilly and quite a good lower body workout.  It drizzled throughout much of the hike but the trees helped to block a lot of the rain.  SYT was in the Ergo, and it has a hood to protect him from the elements.  He slept for most of the hike, and when he wasn't sleeping he was looking around at the trees.  He loves being outside.  It always calms him down. 

After our hike, we all went to Gram's for homemade soup (perfect since it was still only in the 50s!) and then went home to shower and get ready for the Michigan game at 3:30!

SYT wore this darling sweater that B's mom knit for him.  It has an anchor knitted into the front of it.  His belt (though you can't see it here) is navy and yellow striped.  B and I both wore maize and blue in support of our favorite football team.  We met the same group of friends out at the bowling alley so that the kids could get out after being cooped up all day and the adults could watch the game.

(at the bowling alley)

Michigan won!  Not only did they win, they played better than they have since the Wisconsin game in the fall of 2008.  It could be a good season around here, ladies and gents!  I hope so anyway!

Saturday night we had a lazy night in, and it was wonderful to be in bed before 10.  Sunday when we woke up, the skies looked like this

Yea!!  B got up and ran 9 miles and then played 18 holes with K's husband.  I went to Harbor to shop a bit (well, only at two stores, but did have one very successful purchase) and then hung out with K and her kids (the ones above) for a bit.  I then went back to mom's, helped prep dinner, made zucchini bread (fantastic!), and played with Junie.  B was exhausted when he got home

That night the same aunt and uncle plus Gram came to mom's for dinner.  We made ribs, corn on the cob, sauteed zucchini and summer squash, and cornbread.  It was sooo yummy.  SYT got a little crabby right during dinner which is always hard :(  It was wonderful to be able to split time with both friends and family over the weekend and never feel like I was shorting anyone.  That's rare, to be honest.

Today we got up and it was yucky again.  We packed up and were out the door by 11:15.  When we got home, we were able to get quite a few things crossed off our never ending to do list, which was wonderful.  I feel prepared for the week, and, while we still have lots to do before next weekend, at least we are organized as to how to get it all done! 

Also, guess who is sitting up on his own????  Okay, okay, so it's really short (30 sec- 1 min 20 sec) periods of time, and it's quite wobbly, but STILL!!!!  It's pretty darn exciting.  Plus in the last week and a half he has started really reaching for his toys and trying to pull them all into his mouth.  It's amazing how much babies learn in such short periods of time!
(he can even turn his head while sitting!)

Can't wait to read all about your weekends!  Hopefully Hurricane Earl didn't upset anything too badly!


  1. Great photos! It looks like a perfect weekend getaway.

  2. So exciting he is sitting up! Soon he'll be crawling all over the place.

    I love the sweater! I bet the anchor is cute :)

  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Sitting up??? Wow!

  4. SYT is getting so big!!! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!


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