Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday fail.........and yet still wonderful

Well, the whole amazing date night out with B last night didn't end up happening.  I woke up yesterday a.m. feeling worse than I had on Monday (after both B and I went to the urgent care on Sunday night for fevers, ear infections and horrid sore throats (probable strep)), and I knew there was no way I could go out for dinner, especially since work ended up being one of the busiest days we've ever had.  So, no steak, no champagne, no special dinner.  Alas!

 Instead B picked up soup from Zoup! (ehhhh......I think my homemade soups are better, to be honest) and popsicles from the grocery store, and we at dinner in our normal seats at the dinner table.  SYT was in a great mood and loved playing with the ribbon that B had wrapped my gift with.  And, to be completely honest, with how I was feeling, the popsicles were WAY better than steak!! 

The top three parts of my day? 
1.  B let daycare know it was my birthday when he dropped Spence off, so they made me a birthday card complete with Spencer's feet and handprints.  It is soooo adorable, and I totally cried when they gave it to me.  Such a sappy mom moment!

2.  The preview for Glee in two weeks shows them doing JBJ's "Livin on a Prayer".  I am a HUGE Bon Jovi fan (weird?) and cannot wait to see them do this on the show.

3.  My birthday gift from B was a huge surprise- a gorgeous pair of black TB Revas with the gold logo.
I have never owned (or even tried on) a pair of Revas, but I've been looking for black flats for months and couldn't find any I liked.  I would have never bought these for myself (with my oh so conservative spending habits), so I never even looked into them.  What's funny is that this box had been wrapped on the dining room table for a few days, and while I noticed it was the size of a shoebox, I never even once considered there were shoes in there.  I was kind of expecting one of these as I've been talking about how we need to capture Spencer's laugh on camera (as it is just the cutest thing in the world)! 

I cannot believe how amazing the leather is on these shoes and how comfy they immediately are.  I can see why people have collections of these- it would be very easy to become addicted, just like I am to my Bonannos!  So, thanks B!  You made this sick lady's day sooo much better with such a shockingly perfect gift!  I love you babe!

And, that is the story of my 33rd birthday.  We're hoping to reschedule our date night in the next week or two- just have to see when the babysitter is free :) 

I definitely feel better today than yesterday, though not even close to normal yet.  I'm just praying that by the weekend I'll be back to normal b/c I have to do rounds at the hospital both mornings, plus it's Halloween and our church choir (which B is singing in) is doing a huge Handel piece that I have got to figure out how I am going to make it to!!! 

Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes.  I definitely need them yesterday.  Oh, and as soon as this darn throat starts feeling better, we are busting open a bottle of bubbly! 


  1. Oh no, feel better soon! And, love the Revas. I have a pair, and I LOVE them... with one exception (and I should probably bring them back and have it fixed), the lining of the sole comes up and it's super annoying. Nothing a little glue can't fix, but for a $180 pair of flats, that should NOT happen. I've had mine since last Christmas and don't wear them all that much for that to have happened. But, they are fabulous! :)

  2. Aah sweetie. Hope you are feeling better and get to enjoy the steak and bubbly soon.

  3. I love those revas, by far my favorite flats!

  4. Sorry I missed your birthday post, but it sounds like it wasn't a bad night all in all. I'm thinking about finally tracking down a pair of Revas myself (especially after your endorsement); do they fit about true to size?

  5. oh hunny bunny- isn't it odd how stuff happens and we just roll with it... plus, I can thing of worse things than having to extend one's bday so you can have the dinner you didn't have last night!



  6. What a great gift!

    And I am sure you two will get in a make-up date night very soon...xo

  7. Happy belated birthday! I hope you are feeling better. Not a fun way to spend your birthday!


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