Thursday, October 28, 2010

Video Cameras?

Do any of you own a handheld video camera?  I really want one to capture SYT on, but we have zero knowledge in this department, so I thought I'd ask around. 

I've heard of the Flip
And the Kodak Zi8
But really don't know of any others or if either of the ones above are significantly better than the other.  Any opinions out there?  We're not great with tech stuff, so anything too involved will be way out of our league.  I basically want to be able to capture Spencer moments to send to grandparents, family and friends- I'm not looking to shoot a movie or anything!  TIA for your help!


  1. Sorry, I'm not much help in this area either :(

    But I did LOVE your suggestion on my last post! Sounds like a fantastic idea to me! :) I'd love to meet that little peanut of yours, and I have a feeling if we put our husbands in front of the TV on a Sunday OR a hockey night, they could get along famously. And, of course, a baking/chat session for us in the kitchen would be wonderful! I just wish we had a little peanut to bring along too :)

    We're planning to move about an hour or so from where we live now. We're going to move closer to Lance's hospital, and I'll have a pretty large range of districts to choose from (if they're hiring that is!). But I'm keeping a positive outlook on the teaching job thing- Praying lots and lots that there will be one waiting for me!

  2. I have the Flip and can't say I'm too thrilled with it. You can't zoom very far and it is not as small as I was hoping it would be. It does get the job done and their customer service is great (mine wouldn't download to my computer so I had to get another one). I would probably look into the Kodak, though.

  3. I LOVE my Flip BUT I've never tried the Kodak, etc versions so I'm biased. I agree with the Cape House that the zoom isn't great but I only use mine for quick videos where I don't really need to zoom. I keep mine in my purse and take videos of the baby at gymboree, the park, etc and then email them to his parents. I also took videos of my sister trying on wedding dresses-I then emailed them to my sister in India so she could feel like she was there :)

    I'd be happy to email you a sample video if you would like to see the quality. Just let me know!

  4. Let me know what you find out...we need one for Babes!


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