Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Falling for fall.....

What a gorgeous season.  Just looking out into my backyard as soon as I get home from work is a small slice of heaven for me.  It's been an amazing indian summer week here- temps in the high 60s/low 70s and as sunny as can be.  I have been soaking up every last second of this gorgeous season and hope you are too!

A few things I'd like to accomplish in the next month to continue to take advantage of fall include:

Taking some gorgeous fall pictures
Spend a weekend up north watching the leaves turn and enjoying the view across the lake (check!)

Eating Honey Crisp apples (this is already happening daily!)
Making batches of homemade applesauce (first batch was done this weekend)

Make some glitter pumpkins for our dining room table

Planting tulip bulbs for next spring
Transplanting flowers that are in very random spots in our yard
Fertilizing the lawn
Sewing grass seed
Putting our garden to bed for the winter
Making delish pumpkin bread (plain and with chocolate chips)
Make another batch of these cookies (you won't be disappointed if you join me)
Find an excuse to make this cake (even though I can't eat it, I really, really want to make it and see what others think about it)

Take SYT to the pumpkin patch for pictures
Get our first family pumpkin to carve and set on the stoop for Halloween night

Take a long walk with SYT, B and Junie before the weather gets too cold to do so
Buy Halloween candy to pass out to all the neighborhood kids
Dress SYT up for his first Halloween (you guys will love the costume!!)
Make some caramel corn or cookies to take to work and to pass out to the adult neighbors trick or treating with their little ones
Enjoy a fire, a glass of wine, and a game of scrabble with B on our first chilly weekend night

Celebrate my 33rd birthday
 (think they make a dairy free Boston Cream Pie?)

So, tell me, which of the above sounds best to you?  And what are you dying to do in the next month to celebrate fall?


  1. I think the orchard trip, making applesauce and pumpkin bread sound the best to me! We're heading to the orchard in our parts this weekend - SO not as good/beautiful/amazing as the ones in New England, but I digress - and I will return with apples! What is your applesauce recipe, if you don't mind my asking? I've never made it before and would like to try and make it for my husband this weekend if time affords!

  2. it's so earthy and organic :) love that you're planting bulbs, I'm adding that to my mental list of things I can't wait to do when I'm at the point in life that you are :)



  3. I'm hoping to take a bike rise tongiht and snap some pictures of all the beautiful trees! It's the perfect tim eof year here in michigan!


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