Thursday, April 21, 2011

11 months old!

Seriously, where has the time gone!! Spencer turned 11 months this past weekend, and it just amazes me every time I think about it!  He has changed SO much in the past month.  I think it's been more than the past two months combined.

He has become incredibly curious, partially because he can get anywhere and do anything, I think.  He's still really happy and people tell us all the time how lucky we are that he's so easy.  We're assuming it won't be this easy with any future ones with the way people talk!!

He is now waving bye-bye (backwards and sideways mostly), clapping his hands, and lifting his arms and squeezing his hands open and shut when he wants to be picked up. He learned all three of these things in a week. If only we all kept this seive-like behavior!! 

He is crawling onto and into everything.  The ball pit at daycare, the cupboards in the kitchen, the wagon and booster and K&N's house, etc......  He also is enjoying throwing everything- balls, toys, food, etc.  It gets a little messy!!!  When we throw the Kong to Junie outside, he makes the same motion.  He now does this motion most of the time when he first sees her.  It's like his sign language for Junie!

The front of his outfits always look like this nowdays- soaked from neck to midchest.  He finally cut his third tooth this weekend (Thank God above for children's acetaminophen!) and the fourth one is on its way.

He is cruising on everything and is starting to stand for just a few seconds (like 2 or 3) at a time.  I think he'll be walking by one, even if it's just a few wobbly steps.  He hasn't gained ANY words this month, much to my dismay.  He babbles a lot and I know he can hear well, but he really doesn't have any true "words".  Mamamamama and dadadadada, but not necessarily in relation to us, and nothing else that is distinguishable.  He's supposed to have 4 words by 1 year- not sure we're going to hit that goal :(  Luckily, I know most kids are "walkers" or "talkers" (meaning they develop their gross motor or verbal skills faster), and as an overall trend, boys tend to be more on the gross motor side.  I won't worry too much yet!

So, that's my little guy's month in a nutshell.  As always, we feel incredibly blessed and I pray regularly that we will continue to experience such amazing things with him each and every day!

(Thanks for not being so annoyed with me for doing this monthly.  I try to do it so that I'll remember- the baby books out there just don't have the space I need for all my pics and have the weirdest things to record.  If anyone out there ever wants to design baby books, let me know and I'll give you advice on what to do and what NOT to do!!)


  1. He is so precious! I love his little smile :D

  2. Happy 11 months!! Today JW is 4 months! Love the striped sweater and khakis! Looking forward to hearing about those first steps!!

    (We too think we're in for it with more children....JW has been so good so far!!!)

  3. He seriously makes me smile!

  4. What a great age - so cuddly, curious and cute!

  5. He is so adorable and smiley!

    H is 14 months and still doesn't say mama or anything for his mom. Dada took awhile. I think it will be along time before he says my name!

  6. Sweet Young Thing just blows me away every time you give us updates about him, but he seriously hauled it this week- cannot believe all that clicked for him!

    many hugs




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