Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a weekend...............

I have been puked on twice, pooped on too many times to count and have done more laundry than I ever thought possible with a 10 month old!  Spence is currently on augmentin for his latest ear infection and it is just awful around here.  He's been on it before, and he had some minor diarrhea last time, but this is 100x worse!!  I am going to call the pediatrician tomorrow to see if they'll switch him over to omnicef.  I hate switching in the middle of a course, but this is ridiculous!!  Uggg!  We are heading to a peds ENT at the end of April to discuss tubes.  Before I would have said that I could have gone either way, but now I am thinking it'll be a good idea to get him off these darn antibiotics all the time!! 

In other news, we baked a ton, worked on our bathroom/laundry room project, planted our seeds indoors, got SNOWED on, spent lots of time on the floor playing, had breakfast with a friend, and took over a basket of goodies for a family who just had a new baby (Lila).  I wish I would have taken a picture of the basket- it ended up being super cute!! 

Hope you guys ended up cleaner than I did this weekend :)  Have a great Monday!!


  1. Oh no. Thinking of you and hoping your boy feels better soon!

  2. So sorry! Poor baby. And poor mommmy and daddy!

  3. I am sorry sweetie. That is no fun. I hope he feels better. Omnicef does that to Logan and I refuse to let him have it anymore (although he is allergic to penicillin so we are limited).
    I think the tubes will be a world of difference as hard as it is to put your baby through it. Logan had his first set at 16 months and it helped alot until they came out. He got his second set at 26 months and they have been a huge blessing this past winter!!
    Hang in there!!

  4. Hope he is feeling better!! And you get a laundry break. Sounds like a productive weekend though.

    We tried to go up a size in diapers and ended up with 3 nights and 1 stroller ride with blowouts...back to size 1 for awhile!

  5. Hope your little one gets better soon!

    Yeah, glad none of the snow landed in Chicago. We were in the 70's until late last night. Weird, seeing GR is 3 hrs away.

    Any plans to go up north? We are heading up over Memorial Day wknd. Can't wait!

  6. Awww hang in there!! You poor thing :) Have a great week!


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