Wednesday, April 6, 2011


There are TWO down there!

You can see them a little bit here- it's hard to get pictures of babies teeth!!

Please excuse me, I haven't learned to chew and smile at the same time yet.  Please tell my mom to start working on my manners!!

Love this baby!

Does looking at this give you a glimpse of him as a college kid?  Can you see the brooding in his eyes?

Ah, back to my little baby!

I have had more and more people tell me in the past few weeks that he looks "so much like his daddy."  Do you see it?  I'm still kind of stuck on the fact that he doesn't really look like either of us, but maybe it's just because I see them both every day that I don't see it like others do?  Opinions?


  1. Oh those girls will go gaga over his cute face. And yes, I sure see the brooding in his eyes!!

  2. I do think he looks like his Dad!

    And he is going to be a ladies man...that is for sure!


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