Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday updates

1.  Hosted a baby shower this weekend for B's cousin who lives here.  It was small and lovely with great food and wonderful gifts.  I made the quiches and the muffins, the other hostess made an amazing fruit salad, and her mom brought her favorite couscous salad (I'll try to get the recipe and post it- it was delish!!).  I was surprised at how many people had never made a quiche or a homemade muffin before.  They're both really easy items.  It's moments like that when I know I am my mother's daughter.  Why would you buy store bought muffins when they're so easy to make at home?  Apparently this is not the norm!!

2.  Friday night B went up to hang out with his aunt and grandma who were in town for the shower.  He took Spencer so that they could see and play with him (he was in a good mood- thank you Lord!).  I was able to run two errands on my way home from work, get all the prep work for the quiches done, and make all the muffins before they got home (B had put Spencer down there as he transfers really well).  I had Glee Cast radio on Pandora while I cooked and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the quiet, alone time I had.  It really recharged my batteries to be able to do that!

3.  If you have little kids to buy Christmas presents for, I would definitely check out your TJ Maxx right now.  Our TJs is one of the worst I've ever been in, but the kids' toy section was awesome when I was there this week.  I saw a ton of Melissa and Doug items (puzzles, paint brushes and paints, blocks, musical instruments, etc), all which were priced really well.  In fact, most were priced better than any of the prices I've seen on Zulily or Totsy.  I was very impressed and picked up a few things for Spencer for next summer when the baby comes and he needs something to do!

4.  Thinking about a double stroller is stressing me out!  They're all really big, and I'm just not in love with any that I see.

5.  B wants a new lawnmower for Christmas.  Really, a lawnmower?  And how the heck am I supposed to pick THAT out???  Why can't he want a few new sweaters, a new pair of pants, and some shoes?  That I can manage.  Alas, I'll now spend the next month researching mowers- anyone want to do that legwork for me??

6.  It snowed here last Thursday.  We had mostly a dusting, but about an hour north of here, they had 3 inches!  I suppose this means that I really need to get Spence some boots!

7.  I can't believe I have to wait until May of 2012 to read Veronica Roth's next book (her first, Divergent, is the best book I have read in the last two years, hands down) (If you don't trust my opinion, don't buy it, check it out from the library) (But I promise you'll love it!!).  With Spencer I would always read as I was nursing him, but I'm not sure that will happen this time as I'll have to nurse and keep an eye on SYT.  I'm going to have to have B put Spence down while I do this baby's nighttime feed so that I can get 15 min of reading time per day; otherwise, how else will I know what is happening with Tris and Four????

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead! 


  1. I knew you would enjoy Divergent since you loved Hunger Games! :) And congratulations on your pregnancy - hope it is happy and healthy!

  2. I think a lawnmower would be very easy to pick out...ha. And I make my own quiche, but I don't eat or ever cook muffins! I am sure the shower was perfect.

  3. Good luck picking out a lawn mower....why don't you just get him a gift card lol? Part of the fun is picking it out himself right? You don't want to deprive him of that ;)


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