Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not a fan.....

Received the newest Lilly P catalog last week in the mail and uggggggg.......  To say that I am not impressed with the summer line up would be an understatement.  Not that I was really looking to buy anything for an occasion this summer, but if I was, I definitely would be SOL.  Maybe a woman in her 30s is just no longer their demographic and/or market share, but I am not going to spend hundreds of dollars if you can't COVER UP A ZIPPER!!!!  Trendy it may be, but I am not buying Lilly for trendy.  I am buying something I can wear during summers for the next 5-10 years and then hand down to my (never going to happen) daughter when she thinks that "vintage" is cool. 

Really, Lilly, exposed underwire?  Only if it's in swimsuit form is this ever appropriate.

Exposed zipper- not my style at all.

Not sure it can get much shorter (in fact, MOST of the dresses seem really, really short this season unless the models got extremely tall) and the double ruffle is appropriate for high schoolers only.

Reminds me of something you would see at Forever 21 for $25, not $158.

The 3 below are all quite cute and more traditional Lilly that are worth the $$ I would spend on them!
Love the halter neck- it's a flattering fit for me.

This pattern is called You Gotta Regatta, which I adore!!  Too bad this is the ONLY thing that comes in this print that I would even consider!!

This navy one would be fabulous for a summer wedding, wouldn't it?

Sorry if you are loving the new summer stuff and I've offended you in any way.  I was just really surprised at how young so much of it is and how (IMO) inappropriate for Lilly!  Agree?  Disagree?  Discuss please to take my mind OFF the fact that I still haven't delivered :)


  1. not liking it either -- bring back the classic shift and anything with a just above the knee hemline!

  2. Its just not great! I do love the first dress you posted in your "good" section. Love the neckline ruffle. I keep seeing a pink and blue whale skirt on pinterest that looks cute. I think it may be part of the later summer line. It was cute. Other than that everything is blah and really short. We'll see what it looks like in person.

    Also, hope you're doing better with your post below! I'll be thinking and praying for you guys!

  3. Loved your commentary. So true.

  4. Omg spot on! All these blogs are raving how great the summer collection is and I thought it was just me! Spring and summer were both youthful and extremely short! Bit have I saved a ton of money this year!

  5. I completely agree with you. How about the dresses with the zippers in the front?! Those had me blink a few times...and I hate the uncovered zippers to begin with. Summer FAIL if you ask me. Sorry you're not feeling so hot, your little man will be here in no time though. Pepperoni pizza worked for me though :)

  6. Agreed!

    The brand has been diluted recently, which is very disappointing. I have Lilly from my Mom which is still in great condition. This doesn't match up.

    If the brand wants to target the high school/collegiate set that this seems geared towards, perhaps they should consider creating a separate line for that audience and stop soiling their brand... and the long-time Lilly lovers out there!

  7. Oh I could go on for days about how much it bothers me that LP now caters to teens instead of women. I honestly think they went so downhill when they got greedy and branched out to LeSportSak bags (ugliest bags on earth) and a dozen other forgetten ventures. Um...animal cracker cookies? Dumb! Their hems are SOOO SHORT now that I wouldn't even let my (pretend) teen wear many of them. They used to be classic but they seem to be jumping on the trendy bandwagon. Sad sad sad.


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