Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things you don't want to hear at 39 5/7 weeks pregnant.......

That you are "high" and "fingertip".  Essentially the OB told me today that I shouldn't expect to have a baby anytime soon.  Uggggggggg...................  I'm 40 weeks on Saturday and my back up csection date is May 10th (next Thursday).  At this stage, I don't anticipate delivering this baby vaginally at all (since I'm nowhere near delivering and I can't be induced).  I'm so disappointed.  I appreciate my babies liking me and all, but don't they understand that I am ready to be a mom rather than being just "pregnant"? 

Because I will be overdue next week and especially because of the kidney issue, I will be getting a non-stress test and ultrasound next Tuesday to make sure everything is still progressing nicely.  I don't doubt it will be- I've had nothing but "easy" pregnancies both times.  I had this testing with Spencer too and all was well with his testing two years ago.  

So, it's back to work tomorrow, Monday, and half day Tuesday.  I'm taking the rest of Tuesday and all day Wednesday off.  They don't need me and I'm going to take Wednesday as a mental health day for Mommy and send Spence to daycare until after nap before I become the mom of two. 

While I wouldn't say that B is excited about not having the baby here, he is happy that it's going to be a gorgeous weekend and he can get a round of golf in before the baby comes.  There is also a large trash day in our area, so we are going to get rid of the broken treadmill (now replaced), an old sink, and an old toilet that are all just crowding our garage.  That will be nice!!  Spence and I have a trip to the library planned and some planting of new perennials that I picked up tonight on my way home from the drs office.  None of this makes me feel any better about still being pregnant but sitting around and dwelling on it isn't going to benefit anyone!!  So, we're just going to get life done :)  And 7 days from now, our little boy will be here.  That's all we can hope for!


  1. I"m sure you are very anxious to meet your new little one! Ethan also never wanted to come out on his own. So frustrating! You will be a mom of 2 before you know it though!

  2. I know these kind of stories are always a gamble to tell to a pregnant woman (I'm 33 weeks with number two myself, so I GET it). . .BUT with my first I was 0 percent effaced or dialated at my last appointment on Thursday morning and went into full on labor 24 hours later. By time I checked into the hospital (roughly 36 hours after I left that doctor's appointment) I was 100 percent effaced and 4 cm dialated! Soooo, things can change quickly--don't count that VBAC out yet!

  3. I keep opening your feeds hoping to see a picture of your sweet boy!! Good luck with everything. I've been thinking of you. (maybe writing that out and making plans for the weekend, baby boy will just make a sooner appearance)


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