Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two books I'm dying to get my hands on......

I don't know how many of you saw the viral video of Zach testifying to the Iowa House Judiciary Committee, but it's amazing.  Funny, smart, respectful, honest, and perfectly written.  As he states in his speech, I would be SO proud to call this man my child, and I can only hope that I raise Spencer and our new baby to be as well spoken, smart, kind, and thoughtful as Zach is.  He was on Jon Stewart the other night speaking about his book and I started tearing up just knowing that I had to buy this book for my mom and for myself.  He gives a section each to all of the boy scout characteristics and how his moms raised him and his sister within these guidelines.  I know I'll pick up parenting knowledge within the covers of this book!!

Insurgent is FINALLY out!!!  I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for months for this and it's here!!  I can only hope that it's as good as Divergent was!! 

I also am headed to the library tonight to pick up book #3 of the Game of Thrones series.  I've heard it's not as good as book one and two, so we'll see.  They're really long books, so if it's not good, it's going to be a LONG read.

What are you reading?  50 Shades of Grey?  (I'm on the waiting list)  Anything else I need to look into for my nighttime nursing sessions?


  1. I'm on the first Fire & Ice (Game of Thrones) book, and I love it. The character development is so great. I watched a lot of the first season, but not all of it (it took me awhile to get past the blood and porn... sheez!), so I am glad I am reading the book which is not nearly as graphic as the show. I really like Tyrion Lannister's character. And, I really want to strangle the Queen and the little punk prince. But, seeing as I already know how the book finishes out, I hate them even more. :)

  2. I just ready 50 shades of Grey and it was interesting...certainly a page turner. I am now reading the Darlings which is pretty good.

  3. I am reading 50's ok. I think I little overdone. And very unrealisitc, but quick read.

    I just read Kitchen House which I loved.


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