Sunday, June 10, 2012

Peter is one month old (yesterday!)

I cannot believe Peter has already been with us a month.  The time has just flown by.  Perhaps because I am in such a sleep deprived state or perhaps because life just flies by more with two kiddos? I remember counting every day with Spencer because he was all that B and I had to focus on at the time.  Now, with two, it's hard to cherish every moment, but I'm doing the best I can to really enjoy this sweet time with baby Peter!

(working on head control during tummy time)

He is growing quickly.  I wouldn't be surprised if he was over 10 lbs now.  I think I'm going to put him on the scale at the grocery store tomorrow to check :)  He is a fabulous nurser and eats about every 3 hours during the day.  We are getting a 4 hour stretch every night with a rare, but wonderful, 5 or 6 hour stretch (really, really rare!).  It was at about 6.5 weeks when Spencer started giving us long stretches at night of 6-9 hours, so I'm hoping that in a few weeks time, we'll get there with Peter too.

Check out this adorable smile!!  They're rare, but we've seen a couple.  I can't wait for true "responsive" smiles.  They're the best!!

He is cooing on occasion which is so sweet.  He is a really noisy sleeper and grunts and groans after every feeding for at least 15 minutes.  Most of the time it's because he is trying to poop or struggling with reflux.  It's really loud in a very quiet, very dark room and it definitely is frustrating at times.  I've thought about moving him to his nursery, but I don't want to have to get up to feed him in the rocking chair when it's so much easier/more comfortable for me to just feed him in my warm, cozy bed.  Right now, it's still worth the distracting noises!

He hates getting into his car seat and fusses like crazy but settles down the minute the car starts moving.  He's been great about running errands with me and going out and about with Spencer and I.  He love, love, loves the Ergo carrier and will settle down from any crying fit the minute he is placed in the thing.  Since I have yet to buy a double stroller, my morning walks have been with Spencer in the stroller and Peter in the Ergo.  It's working well for now; we'll see how long that lasts once Peter gets bigger.  I know I'll need a double; I just have yet to decide which one to get and am being very, very, very indecisive about it.

Couldn't do a post without a picture of this sweet big brother!!  Isn't he HUGE now??  It's amazing what turning two and getting a new baby brother will do to you!

Getting two in a picture together is borderline hysterical.  Not sure how many years it will be before a good family picture occurs :)

We're really loving our new family life, even in the most frustrating moments (and they're happening!).  I'm so glad we had a second baby, and I can't wait to enjoy the next month spending more time getting to bond with Peter!!


  1. Peter is just so cute! Looks so different than Spencer. My mother had me in her room for one night! She said she woke up every time she heard me and put me in my own room the next day. She however was not breastfeeding so my dad got to help ;)

  2. Your boys are both just gorgeous - so very happy for you!


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