Monday, July 16, 2012

4th of July...... and why we'll have to settle for non-picture Christmas cards this year!

Here are two family pictures we took while we were up north for the week.  It's pretty obvious that getting a two year old, a two month old, and two parents to look at the camera at the same time while not blinking, glaring at the camera, or looking utterly ridiculous is impossible. I'm already dreading pictures for the Christmas card!

Spencer absolutely loved the parade.  He clapped and smiled through the whole thing. It was hotter than hot (90+). Luckily we had a spot in the shade which helped a tiny bit. We went home right afterwards and Spencer fell asleep while walking back to the car and slept for 2.5 hours! We didn't go out to watch the fireworks as we were tired and needed to get things organized for our party the next night; however, we ended up being able to see the Harbor Spring's fireworks from my mom's house.  What a wonderful and unexpected surprise!


  1. You could do an outtake Christmas card! I would love one :)

  2. I think both pics are adorable! You could do several pics- one where each person looks their best.


  3. That bottom photo of you all is just particularly wonderful - I love how happy you look! If that doesn't scream "Christmas card", I don't know what does.

    Also, I'm standing and clapping for you being (a) out of the house (b) ambulatory (c) looking so darling, so soon after having your own adorable Master P!

  4. um, I'm looking forward to the fam photo montage christmas card- there will be a few gems and even those that you think aren't 100% cover photo worthy are- the joy shines through and that's what counts!

    hugs to your men



  5. I bet Christy could get a good Christmas card pic for you!!!


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