Thursday, July 19, 2012

Peter is 2 months old!

Grrrrrrr.......I cannot get my pics to upload for this post.  That being said....

My baby boy is 2 months old!!  He was 2 months on the 9th but I wanted to wait until I had the stats from our drs apt to post this.  Turns out, his stats are almost identical to SYT when he was 2 months.
Peter 2 mo: Ht- 23 in, Weight- 13lbs, 14 oz, Head Circ- 16 in
Spencer 2 mo: Ht- 23 in, Weight- 13lbs, 13oz, Head Circ- 16 in
Yep the ONLY difference is 1 freaking oz! Wow.  Our pediatrician was very happy with how he is doing.  He had a huge poop in the office so I showed her how green and mucousy it was and wondered if that meant that I needed to cut out soy as well as dairy.  She said that unless I saw blood or unless he was super fussy, there was no need to cut out soy.  He is growing well and is rarely fussy (yea!!), so I'm not cutting soy out.  I don't drink soy milk or eat soy yogurt, really the soy I have is just the soy lethicin preservative that is in lots and lots of foods.  She said that continuing to breastfeed is more important than cutting out the little bit of soy I do ingest, so we're going to stick with just dairy free for the time being.  That's hard enough!!

Peter had a week of sleeping for 6-8.5 hours overnight while we were up north- it was wonderful.  Then, when we got back here, he flipped into 2.5-3 hour stretches.  Not so wonderful!  Last night he did a 6.5 hour stretch, so I'm hoping we're headed back to good nighttime sleep.  It was so hot here last week and I think that, as well as a possible growth spurth, may have been affecting his sleep. 

He is wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes now and is in a size 2 diaper.  It is funny how fast he grew out of stuff! 

He has a very, very easy temperment.  He is on a good schedule of eat, play, sleep and takes 30 min- 1.5 hour naps in between feedings.  Occasionally he will get fussy during the day which almost always means that he has a burp that he hasn't gotten out or really needs to poop.  He loves to play on a blanket on the floor and just stretch and dance and coo and smile.  It's totes adorable!  He hates tummy time (Spencer loved it).  We do it a few times a day to strengthen his head, neck, and back, but it's fuss city pretty soon after we start.  He hasn't rolled over yet and isn't very interested in trying either. 

He is a great nurser (obviously- his weight is in the 80th percentile!!) and can even nurse when I'm walking around the kitchen prepping stuff (yes this has happened, and no it's not easy!!).  He has lots and lots of wet diapers and plenty of poop. 

Spencer still adores him which is wonderful to see.  I pray that this continues and that they will always love each other completely (even when they don't like each other much).  I'm still amazed at how different they look.  It's funny how the same two human beings can bring the same genetic make up to the mix twice and get such different results :)  Peter's smile is beyond precious, and every time I see it, my heart fills up completely.  I am massively in love with this kid!! 

It won't be long before he is rolling, sitting up, eating solids, and babbling with intention.  I know how fast the time flew with Spencer, and I always wanted Spencer to be advancing and to do new things.  Now, with Peter, I know that the new things he acquires just means he's getting older and then he won't be my baby anymore, so I'm completely content for him to just follow his own pattern and stay a baby.  Okay, okay, maybe he could start sleeping through the night every night, but that's it!!!  Ha!!


  1. Love everything about this post and I was always so glad that I had a sister- as in my sibling was the same gender as me- and it's true that even when we did butt heads, we loved each other to bits and got to grow up to be each other's best friends.

    Keep up the great mothering AEOT- absolutely everything you post is something that I've always looked forward about to being a mom or didn't realize until I read what you had to say.



  2. My little man will be 2 months old on 8/10 and we are dealing with the same poop issue. I have cut diary out, so very hard, but there is still green mucusy poo! So frustrating.

    Please email me whatever tips you have, eating out is stressing me out!


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