Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pink and Green Party

Back in the day (early 80s), my aunt would always make fun of the tourists who came up to Harbor Springs for vacation as they always wore pink and green and would eat nothing but fudge and ice cream for a week straight.  My aunt complained about this enough that my mom and dad decided it would be hilarious to throw a surprise pink and green party and not tell her about it.  So they invited family and friends to come to the cottage in their best pink and green attire for the party.  My aunt showed up before most of the guests in her red pants and white shirt and finally realized the joke was on her when everyone else was in pink and green (as well as the plates, napkins, jelly bellys, etc).  The party became a yearly ritual while my parents owned the cottage, and it was a really fun party (so I hear- I was still very young and often didn't attend).

Since those years, whenever my entire family is together, we have held a family pink and green party.  Everyone loves dressing up for it, and it always makes the best family pictures!  This year just happened to be one of the years that almost everyone was up north for vacation, so the party was on!! 

Haley's pink sparkle Toms.  The perfect shoe for the party!

H, A, &B

Spencer in his helmet (it's rare that he doesn't have it on for something) and two of the three boy cousins that he hung out with all week.  Even though they are 12, 10, and 8, they really were great with both my boys and played with them constantly.
In the driveway as people were arriving.

Aunt MA and my mom wear Lilly well, don't they?

E- he is 3 and has the BEST hair!!

Sweaty Spence after riding his tricycle forever in the driveway.

The best family photo we took- blurry and horribly weird faces.  Again, this is NOT easy!!

The watermelon shark.  My cousin made this for the fruit salad.  It was amazing.  L (E's twin) thought it was hilarious and kept eating the eyes off it, sticking her hand and head in the teeth and then screaming as people would pretend to eat her.  Hysterical.

My brother and his girlfriend.  They're adorable together.

Cousin K.

B, E, and Spence

Yep, JFK Jr look alike.  J is my cousin's husband and he's just as sweet and smart as he is good looking.  They have a fabulous relationship and an adorable almost 1 year old.

K, S, and I

After dinner, drinks, croquet, and ladder golf, the family went down to Gram's beach to have a skipping stone contest.

Spence in his jammies throwing stones

My brother and uncle paddleboarding

Sweet L gets all wet in the lake.

The croquet champ of the night

The whole family.  Literally, this is my mom's entire family minus three cousins.  We were so lucky to all be there to play together, spend time together, eat together, and learn more and more about each other and how amazing it is to have a family like this.  I love my family even more than I love this party!!


  1. That is hilarious! I love it! When my Aunt, Mom and 2 cousins came to visit me (in NYC) a few years ago we were sitting at lunch and realized we were ALL in pink and green SO not NYC. It was amusing.

  2. Um that is the best party idea ever! And best family photo!! You should send that into the LP peeps.


  3. So darling! Ya'll are a precious family!

  4. pics of the fam keep on getting better! and spence is going to be a lady-killer down the road, handsome little fellow!



  5. Goodness, what a good-looking group of pink and green! Your handsome Spencer in that perfect polo takes the preppy cake, though.

    I couldn't love this party idea any more, particularly since the original honoree poked fun at the pink & green. Too funny.

  6. Love this! Looks like such a fun party and gathering of family. You're blessed!


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