Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm back!

So, I was going to do a Christmas recap and a Peter and a Spencer post tonight.....however, blogger won't let me upload any pictures right now (?????), so I'm just going to type for a bit as I know I have been amazingly absent lately!

*We are currently prepping our family room for new hardwood floors. We've ripped up most of the staples, moved furniture to the playroom, and are starting to organize stuff to move into the basement for 4 days. B and a guy from church are going to lay the floors next weekend and then we are having a professional company come in to refinish the floors in the kitchen and foyer as well as stain the floors in the family room so that they all match. It's going to be so much nicer to have hardwoods in our most used room!!

*I'll do a much longer post, but we have a LOT of saving to do this year as we have a major goal of overhauling our kitchen in early 2014. We want to pay for it all in cash if possible. My dream kitchens board on pinterest is filled with ideas. Our floors will already be done this year, so that will be an already covered expense. We definitely want to paint our cabinets, we need new countertops and backsplash, we need all new appliances, and we definitely need to reformulate some of our spaces as we don't have a spot for a microwave, we need a wine rack, and our island needs some revamping. It's stressful to think that I have to come up with plans to design something that's going to be ours for 20 more years, and I'm hoping the end product will be exactly what we want and need!

*While we're stuck in the basement during the refinishing project (literally, we cannot be on our main floor (which also means we can't go upstairs either)), B and I are going to hunker down and watch the first two seasons of Downton Abbey. Yes, we are wayyyyy behind, but we are taping season 3 starting tonight, so it's time to jump on the bandwagon! Even my mom and stepdad are watching this, so I know we're out of the loop!

*We're going to have a warming trend this week with next weekend reaching 50 degrees! I would definitely appreciate this in March, but I am sad about it right now. All our pretty snow is going to melt and it's just going to be wet and ugly. I'm really hoping we get another big snowstorm soon. I love looking out the window, watching the snow fall, shoveling the snow, starting a fire, and baking bread or a dessert while home. I also love, love, love my boots, so any chance I get to wear them makes me a happy snowgirl!

*When reading through my mom's Christmas cards, I realized that my mom's really good friend's son is the keyboardist for the band Fun! His name is Andrew and he's just a really normal, really good kid (adult, I suppose). Grew up in small town Michigan, is married, and actually taught himself to play the piano. How cool is that???? Just goes to show that dreams do come true, huh?

*It was really, really nice to have a bunch of shortened work weeks the past two weeks. I'm not looking forward to the long (read: normal) weeks coming up. I don't have another day off scheduled until the end of February, and that seems like a long time away!!

*Even though I had to work this weekend (and I was at work a long time both days), I felt like I was still able to get quite a bit completed around the house. Our bedroom is still a disaster, but a lot of our list did get checked off.

Have a great Monday, everyone!!!


  1. I am watching Downtown Abby right now! So so so good.

    Welcome back :)


  2. Oh Downton glad I started watching it. You will love it! And I'm slightly jealous that you're getting new floors! :) how awesome for you!


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