Monday, January 21, 2013

Three movies in 2013??

Friends, this could be a miracle. Okay, maybe not a true miracle but definitely something to put into the recordbooks. B and I will probably see THREE movies in 2013. Astonishing, isn't it? You see, we're really not a movie couple. We saw a movie the week before Spencer was born and then didn't see another movie in the theater until the week before Peter was born. That is two whole years that we didn't make it to a movie theater! We can't even say that we rent movies regularly or subscribe to Netflix. I think we may have watched 2-3 videos in that same two years (though besides The King's Speech, I can't tell you which ones). We do go out on dates- it's just almost always just to a good dinner or out to another couple's house.

This weekend we went out on Saturday night to see Les Mis. I cannot believe how good it was! I've seen it on stage a couple (I think 5?) times and have never really liked it much. The movie, however, was marvelous!!!! Marius was my favorite character- his voice was amazing. I was absolutely amazed by it all. I think the settings were spot on and really made you get into more than a stage production ever could. Love, love, love.

His freckles are so fabulous and I loved his hair!!

While we were there they showed previews for The Great Gatsby. Oh, it is going to be GOOD!! Baz Luhrmann (director of Moulin Rouge) is directly Gatsby and it looks so similar to Moulin Rouge which is one of my favorites. Lots of over the top lighting, singing, colors, flashiness, fashion, etc. It's definitely not going to be a refined version of the book which I think I will like. To me, Gatsby is all about the craziness that led to the destruction and this is going to showcase it well!

Our third movie of 2013 will be Catching Fire. B hasn't read the books but did think that Hunger Games was entertaining, so we'll definitely be catching installment two at my request.

Did you see and love or hate Les Mis? Are you excited about either of the other movies? What other movies are you dying to see in 2013? Are you a movie buff or a movie rarity like us?


  1. I don't go to the movie too often. Usually watch them at home On Demand. I too cannot wait to see Crhching Fire!

  2. Cannot wait to see Les Mis. Mr. Pink wants to see this so I have to wait. Ha! My college roommate and I try to see as many Oscar-nominated movies as possible before the awards. Last yr we saw 2 in one afternoon! We're a little slack this year, but are going to see Argo Sunday. I did see Lincoln recently and really enjoyed it. And can't wait for The Great Gatsby. Mini#1 will be begging to see Catching Fire so I'll go. I read the books. Movies always disappoint a little though. I am def a movie fan. Foreign films included. :-)


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