Monday, April 1, 2013

A little of this and a little of that

1. Last week B had fevers, chills, body aches, just miserableness. It ended up being strep and he is now on amox for 10 days. He is finally feeling better, thank goodness! It's a huge week for choir at church with services on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday and due to his illness, he only got to sing on Sunday. He was really disappointed!

2. Our church service was great on Sunday. The choir was good, the sermon was good, the alter was beautiful (I love Easter flowers!!). Unfortunately, both my boys were squirrely and I actually had to give SYT a time out during church. We had to leave and go out to the vestibule. EMBARRASSING! But he needed it, and, as I have learned with toddler, you have to follow through or else they will continue with the bad behavior (he was throwing Peter's toys at me just b/c he was wound up for the egg hunt). He calmed down and did have a ton of fun with the egg hunt afterwards. I was not so happy that a church parishoner (an older lady we are familiar with) tried to "help" me discipline by yelling at Spence. Hello, I'm managing and I don't need your help. He was sitting in time out and she just wanted to get in on it. I'm sure she had good intentions, but it still was not appropriate.

3. I had my camera at church but there must be something wrong with my battery charger as my camera died after just a few pictures, and I had just charged the battery overnight. So, no cute pics from me. Boo. B got a few on his phone but nothing I can upload right now, so sorry!

4. West Michigan is dead right now. All the schools around here go on spring break the same week, so everything is empty! The highways are quiet, our office is like a ghost town, and my FB feed is full of sunny, warm weather, down south pictures. I am sooooo ready for sunshine and warm weather, and I am jealous of those who are experiencing it right now!

5. The next few months are crazy busy here. I'm excited as we have so much fun stuff planned. We either have visitors or are going away every weekend in April, May is the boys' birthday party (combined for both since their bdays are only 6 days apart), and in June we already have at least one weekend of travel planned as well. Then, it's SUMMER which means lots of trips up north, lots of time outside, and lots of yard work. I have a new plan for part of my backyard that will involve pretty hefty planning and lots of work over the next summer or two. B likes the idea but I'm not sure he is fully on board yet. We'll have to see if I can plant enough seeds in his head to latch on to all this.

6. Tonight I am getting my hair cut and colored. This is my 3rd attempt to keep an apt! Yikes! I'm definitely looking forward to having my hair look decent again. I wouldn't want to meet my first blogger with ugly hair now, would I!

7. My weekend starts Wednesday night this week! Seeing the bestie on Thursday and then enjoying a weekend with MCW in town. Cannot wait! Hopefully the forecast stays in the 50s!!! I need a little bit of warmth up here!

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!!


  1. I would have been ticked at that older woman "helping" me discipline, too. Wow, a toddler in church is a lot though. Ours start attending church services when they are 5 (kindergarten) and that stressed me out. We have nursery up to age 5. I applaud you if that is a normal thing for you!! Our Easter was soggy and wet for the first half of the day and then it cleared up so no outdoor spring-like photos either. 74 down south today, but 57 tomorrow. Enjoy your long weekend coming up!!

  2. Omg! I cannot believe that woman said something to Spence!

  3. IPad just published my comment before I was done. Anyway, I can not wait. Planning outfits, but will wait to pack until Thursday when we have a better idea of the weather.

  4. Why do other people feel the need to "help"!?! It drives me mad!!! Other than the rude lady, I hope you had a lovely Easter;)


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