Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Someone with a waist buy this PLEASE!!

Loving this but because of my current state, it won't really work for me!!  I think it's the perfect addition to any prep's spring and summer wardrobe.  It'll go with so much!  I'd wear it in the spring with jeans or khackis, a french stripe bateau neck shirt, a trench coat, and a boat and tote.  In the summer I'd wear it with just about any solid short or skirt and a polo shirt.  It'll make it's own statement.

I love that it has gold and silver so you never have to worry about it not matching your jewelry!  LOVE!  Is it calling out your name as much as it is mine???


  1. You should buy it. You will have a waist within weeks of that little baby. Both of mine were 9 pounders. Believe me....and I didn't breastfeed either. The weight comes off no matter what you do. Buy the belt!! :)

  2. Your post title was so funny that I had to click through my reader. That certainly is very lovely, although I can't buy it because I'm abroad and doubt they deliver here!

  3. What a great belt! I am adding it to my wishlist right now!


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