Monday, January 10, 2011

Baptism Day

Well, he's in with the Big Guy upstairs............................

These were all taken after the service.  SYT did very well for the actual baptism part.  He looked a little frightened when we tipped him backwards over the font, but didn't fuss at all.  He also seem confused when just his hair got wet- he's used to the full body bath :)  MCW asked if he wore a gown or an outfit.  Neither Blair nor I had a "family outfit" per se, so I bought him a light blue, very traditional looking outfit from Petit Ami.  I was going to have it monogrammed, but I thought if we had another baby boy in the future, I would use the same outfit again, so I left it plain. 
SYT with the font

Precious little hands

Father Holgren, us and the Godparents (B's brother and his darling, prego wifey)

Our teeny fam (excuse the really bad pic of me and SYT- B's the only cute one here)

After the brunch, my parents and my gram, B's parents, the Godparents, and B's cousin and her husband all went out for brunch at the country club close to our house.  It was delish!!!  We debated hosting at home, but after having 5 guests in our house all weekend and planning meals for all the other times of the weekend, I'm glad we went with a restaurant.  It ended up being much more reasonable than we expected and it really took the stress off us! 

It was very nice having our families around to celebrate the occasion, and, while I love them all dearly, I'm so glad we have our house back!!  We have been go, go, go since Thanksgiving, and I'm so thankful we'll have a few weeks of quite ahead of us to just get back into our routine.  Spencer was a horrible napper this weekend due to the commotion around the house, and, while he remains happy, he gets really clingy if he doesn't sleep and that can be hard when you are also trying to cook meals, make sure guests are happy, and clean the kitchen constantly!!!! 

So, here's to SYT's baptism and a restful week ahead for all of us!!  Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Thank you for sharing such sweet photos! I love Petit Ami, & I think it's a darling idea to make it a "family tradition" for when there is another little boy to be baptized. Hope y'all have a fabulous week! =)

  2. Beautiful! Congrats on the baptism.
    I am with you on loving family close and also getting back to regular routines.

  3. What are you talking about; you look beautiful! Congrats to your whole family :)

  4. Congrats on his baptism! You are such great parents! For Epiphany at my daughter's church, 3 male choir members came in dressed as kings and carrying gold, incense & myrrh?...and singing verses of "We 3 Kings" It was spectacular!

  5. Congrats to you! SUCH a special day!!!

  6. awww look at sweet Spence and I like the pic of the three of you that you don't like!



  7. He looks adorable! Love the little outfit. My nephews wore gowns, but they were baptized when they were almost walking and they HATED the gown. It was very confusing for them, but kind of funny to watch.

  8. He looked so cute in that little outfit! I love the photo with his tiny hand....such a handsome little boy!



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