Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Holiday Adventures

We went up to Petoskey on Christmas Eve to celebrate with my family.  While we were there, we:

went on a long walk outside with our pup, Greg, Nina, and their pup.  The snow was glistening like diamonds in the areas where no one had walked.  It was absolutely gorgeous. 

I wore SYT in the Ergo and within the first 20 minutes of the walk, he was sleeping soundly and cuddled up to stay warm. 

He was certainly cute enough in his little snowsuit!

The river starting to ice over

Christmas Eve we had dinner with B's aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandma before church.  We left SYT sleeping at their house while we attended mass with my family.  It was a wonderful service, and I love singing all the Christmas carols.  It makes my heart so happy!

Christmas day we woke up slowly, played with Spencer and opened gifts with my family.  My grandma hosts for Christmas dinner, and there were 17 of us this year.  We had a great meal, got to sing more carols, and played Catch Phrase.  We normally play Scattergories, but this year we switched it up and played Catch Phrase.  It was really fun, and SYT charmed the family with his crawling and his constant smile.
SYT with my uncle Jon

Santa Claus smocked outfit- he looked adorable!

With his mimi (my mom)

Singing Christmas carols while Gram plays the piano.

The next night we went to my aunt and uncles house for dinner and to celebrate Nina's birthday.

Happy Birthday Nina! 

Monday we skiied while my mom watched Spencer.  It was chilly, but the snow was perfect and we all had fun.  I would have loved to ski a few more days, but we had to pack up that afternoon and come home to work for the rest of the week.

For NYE we went over to B's cousin's house and hung out with some of his family that came into town.  We had a lot of fun just hanging out.  Lots of champagne was consumed- too much for some people!!!  Nursing makes me toe the line pretty well ;)

No, I am NOT naked.  I just have a strapless top on.  Should have been a little more aware of this when taking the pic though!

N&K dancing with Spencer.  She's the one who is due in March with their first baby.  They're going to be wonderful parents- they are incredible with Spencer.

Ready for 2011!!

It's been wonderful reading about your holidays with your families, and it was a really nice year for us as well.  I'm ready for 2011 to begin and see how the year unfolds.  I'll be praying for a wonderful one for all of you!!


  1. Happy New Year! Your baby is getting so big. May 2011 bring you much joy.

  2. love love love love every single pic and the one of SYT and MiMi needs to be put into a lovely silver frame for your house and for hers too!



  3. Love the pick of June Bug walking up the hill and looking back. Happy New Year!


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