Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's going on at our house

I have mastitis, Spence has another ear infection (his third since October), and B has a sore throat.  Anyone want to come hang out with this healthy crowd?????  Yep, we're a fun bunch.  And, our kitchen?????  Wowzers, I think a hurricane must have come through here while I was at work today! 

Has anyone who reads this had mastitis before?  How long does it take for the chills, body aches, redness, and pain to go away?  This is SO yucky! 

Also, while we have 4-5 inches of snow on our back deck, I'm hoping for more this weekend!!  It looks like many of you out there are enjoying the snow too!!  I'd love to get Junie, Spence, B and I out on a long snowy walk on Sunday after church!! 


  1. We don't have enough snow around here! Funny that places down South have more snow than we have in Chicago! HA! HA!

  2. It really depends on the severity of the symptoms and the amount and type of the antibiotics that your physician has placed you on. If the symptoms seem to worsen don't hesitate to telephone he or she to setup a time for another examination, you'll be glad you did.

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  3. It should not take too long for the pain and chills to go away, if you have started your antibiotics. The swelling might take a little bit longer. A heating pad could help with that. And drink a ton of water!

    Hang in there!!!

  4. That does not sound fun at all! My cousin is a lactation consultant at Hopkins and I hear all about this at holidays :)

  5. Awww, this sounds really miserable, I'm sorry, and send you all "feel better" wishes. BTW, the Baptism photos are just stellar, he has become such a handsome young guy!

    With hope that health returns for everyone,

  6. Hope you all feel better soon so you can get out and enjoy the snow.

  7. Oh I am sorry honey. Take care and feel better. Logan is sick too. Ugh...


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