Thursday, February 3, 2011

Horse races? Spring vacation? Exploring a Costal City?

If any of these events are in your future in the next few months, then you absolutely must order this hat! 

The rim comes in lime, orange, black, hot pink, brick, and turquoise.  The monogramming is free and the price is only $29.99.  Hello, perfect, most wonderful hat ever!!

Each of you should buy one of these from here and while you're there, you should check out this scarf too!!  I've already got three things in my shopping cart!


  1. This hat would be perfect for Spring steeplechases! Off to check out the site! xx

  2. Marley Lilly is amazing! Just got my monogrammed ring in last week, and it is beautiful! Can't wait for my hat to come in!

  3. Check out my blog tomorrow! I'm giving away one of these hats. So cute!


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