Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm still obsessed

The Superbowl brings hundreds of new commercials into our lives.  My favorites this year were the E*Trade baby (as always), two of the VW commercials, and this..............................

Living in Michigan, it obviously got tons and tons of hype and is still being shown on a lot of airways.  It is SO good though.  It deserves all the acolades it has gotten.  If the Chrysler 200 was big enough to fit three carseats (nope, not pregnant again, just hoping that someday I'll need that many!), I would be at the dealership tomorrow!  Way to go, Chrysler.  I'm seriously impressed. 


  1. i saw this again last night and told mr prep that it was a brilliant ad -- my favorite line: Imported from Detroit.
    As a copywriter, I totally get that line and its importance!
    great post!


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