Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!

We got about 14 inches of snow today!  B (and the rest of Western Michigan) got to stay home for a snow day, but I had to go into the hospital to round.  B was kind enough to spend 2 hours shoveling our drive so that I could get out- and I still got stuck at the end of our street!!!  Luckily a motorist stopped and helped me get out (my snow angel!).  I was able to leave the hospital early and was home around 2 o'clock to spend time with B and SYT. 

Our house!  You can't tell from the shadowing, but the non-drifted areas were about 14 inches and the drifted areas were even more.  The big mound you see at the front of the frame is from shoveling early this a.m.  I shoveled even more once I got home, and then our shovel broke!!  Since our street still hadn't been plowed, there was no getting a new shovel.  B is going to do it over his lunch hour tomorrow. 

Here you can really see the snow (and how much work B had to do to shovel at 6 this a.m.!!)

The snow at our front door after Junie had plowed through it a few times.

So deep! 

Spence enjoyed the snow day from inside!  He loved having mom and dad around all day and he took two great, great, great naps which allowed us to get some things done. 

Even though the snow made the world stop for a day, it is gorgeous and fun and I wouldn't trade it!  I adore living in the land of four seasons.  Are you loving or hating the winter wonderland right now??  How many inches total did you get and did you get an adult snow day??

(Though the new Lilly collection is making me dream about summer coming sooner than later!  Soooo many gorgeous things. on that soon, AEOT!)


  1. Wow. You got a lot!
    Next year S will be playing in the snow!

  2. Beautiful home! We had about 8 inches, but before that an inch of solid ice. Two adult snow days were very enjoyable!
    Drive safely,


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