Monday, May 23, 2011

Our project is done (well, almost!!)!

We've been working for awhile on our laundry room and 1st floor guest bathroom.  The bathroom was hideous and since the laundry room was right across the hall and only needed a little bit of work, we decided to tackle it as well. 

In this picture of the laundry room the floral wallpaper has been almost completely stripped off, but you can see it in the upper corner and it gives you a good look at the color of the cabinets.
Here's the wallpaper in its full glory.  It covered all four of the walls.  It was in fine condition, and we didn't hate the cabinets, but it certainly wouldn't have been what we would have picked out had it been our choice.

The laundry room now.....

Above you can see the just barely pink walls and the window that looks onto our front yard.  Below is the doorframe where we will be marking the heights of Spence at each year! 

Presenting the (previously) ugliest bathroom in America....ours!!!  Yellow walls with burgandy and forest green splatter paint, burgany countertop, gray sink and toilet, ugly mirror, gold fixtures.  UGGG..... 

And here it is now!!
Really, really pale pink walls, new mirror, new light fixture, quartz countertop with a white sink and white toilet, all new polished chrome fixtures..........ahhhhhhhh

We also painted the cabinets a really deep, dark gray and the trim an ivory.

(I'm not sure why it looks like we have a plaid grid on our wall.  There are not really lines there.  AND the back of the door we kind of forgot, so we're working on that one!!)

The gorgeous countertop!  I love, love, love it!

We are planning on redoing the floors in both these room and the entryway.  We're going to do a large gray tile with gray grout.  We also need new light fixtures (which have been ordered but are backordered til JULY!) for the laundry room and two in the hallway.  I would like to get a some kind of artwork or decor for the laundry room but I haven't found anything I'm interested in yet, so I'm just going to keep my eye out for awhile.  I also need to get new doorhandles for all the doors- ours are currently shiny gold and they don't match the *new* look.

I do have to say how proud I am of B- he installed the toilet, the sink/countertop, and the light fixture all by himself!  He's becoming quite handy since we've become homeowners.  Thank goodness for youtube videos and google.  We'd be lost without them!  I'm really happy with the changes we've made and I'm excited to finish the rest!!


  1. It looks amazing, way to go B! I love the color of the cabinets, I wouldn't have thought of the dark grey, but now I might have to steal it for one of our projects!

  2. The bathroom is SUCH a great transformation!! Way to go! Can't wait to see everything else redone!

  3. looks great! how did you paint the cabinet?


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