Monday, May 16, 2011

Spencer's Birthday Party

We had a few of our friends and their kids over on Saturday to celebrate Spencer's first birthday.  We were hoping the weather would be nice enough to grill out, hang out on the deck and watch the kiddos play in the backyard.  Unfortunately it was 56 degrees and raining, so we all hung out inside instead.  We just rolled with it and everyone seemed to have a good time!

I didn't necessarily have a theme as Spencer doesn't really like anything in particular yet, so instead I bought a bunch of seersucker fabric and made banners to decorate the house.  I also made a onsie for Spence to wear for the cake eating and set up the hutch in the dining room with a picture from each month of his life.  I also bought a bunch of balls at the dollar store which I am SO glad I did.  There were balls flying everywhere in the family room and living room and the kids loved it!!

We had burgers and hot dogs on the grill, a fabulous pasta salad (I'll have to share the recipe-it's perfect for summer), grilled vegetable kabobs, a fruit salad, munchie mix, a wine punch, beer, juice boxes, sodas, cake and cupcakes.  B made the burgers on the grill, and they were some of the best burgers he's ever made.  Overall, I think the meal turned out pretty well. 

My precious boy is ONE!

Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercreme frosting (both from Annie's Eats blog)

Yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting (again from Annie's Eats)

In his one year onsie with his cake

Some of the kids blowing out Spencer's candles

Settling in with the cake

First bite

Really going for it

Chocolate mustache!

Now it's everywhere!!

Happy Birthday little buddy!!


  1. I think his party sounds perfect! Just perfect!

    The insane crazy parties that some people have for their kids with everything matching and a million people are SO over the top!

  2. I can't believe he's 1!! Your party's menu sounds delicious. Love the idea of the veggie kabobs -- it's always hard to work in something healthy like that into a cookout. Spencer is adorable!! Happy bday!

  3. not sure why it posted as anonymous...but that was from me :)

  4. That looks lovely & just right for a first birthday. I will check out that dessert blogs since I was just debating what to do for my soon-to-be-1-year-old myself.

  5. Happy birthday to Spencer! What cutie. love the decorations you chose. The seersucker flags/pendants are really cute.


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