Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Rolling over your retirement acct is a pain!  I've talked to at least 10 people, have sat on hold for at least 2 hours total, still have to find a time that B and I can get together with a notary, and I've been working on this for a week now!  I wish this were easier.  I'd love to give it up but now I know I just have to push through.  It'll be so much easier to have all my money in just one place. 

Because I have two accts to rollover (a 403B and a 401K), it makes it even worse as I have to do all this paperwork twice.  It is nice to take a good look into both these accts, see that I have made some money this year (let's just forget about the few years before this, shall we?), and know that B and I are on solid financial footing at this stage.  I have an apt with our hospital retirement guru at the end of May to discuss our financial future going forward. 

B is the type of person who checks his retirement acct pretty regularly (at least 2-3x/month).  He doesn't change funds that often, but he definitely knows what's going on in his accts.  He is much more active in his money and often runs excel spreadsheets to show me where we will be in 35 years assuming different percentages of earnings.  I, on the other hand, check my acct. MAYBE twice a year and have rebalanced probably 3 times in the past 10 years and wouldn't consider myself active in my accts.  I reside under the theory that if I keep putting money in (which I have done regularly since getting my first job), getting the match, and revisit my acct occasionally that it'll eventually be enough for us to retire well.  This is working for us currently; though I do wonder if I took a more active approach if my earning percentage would be a bit higher than it is.  My Roth IRA is in a Target Date Fund, so besides occasionally checking the balance on that, I do nothing else (nice at this time.  I'll start watching it much more closely in my 50s).

Are you an active manager of your retirement accts like B or are you more passive like I am?  Do you rebalance regularly?  Do you have a financial planner of your own?  We've been talking about meeting with one in the next year or two but it seems quite overwhelming to me!!  Oh yeah, and about that will stuff........we really need to do that to, but how can you pick out new parents for your baby when you can't even imagine not celebrating every milestone, every birthday, every scrape and broken bone, every success, every failure, every moment with him?


  1. AEOT! Talk about a dream coming true- full time SAHM! Ohhhh all the difference you're going to make and know that you were there in the fullest capacity. So happy for you :)



  2. Oh nooooo don't tell me this! I have a 401k and a 403b I need to roll over to my Roth IRA and I have been putting it off for almost THREE YEARS. Yes. Three. In my fantasy world, I keep hoping that all I have to do is contact the guy who manages my IRA and he will magically take care of it for me. Sigh.

  3. Umm I don't know what any of this means! I have a 403b and know I will need to do something with it when I leave my job....I guess I better start researching!


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