Thursday, July 14, 2011

An amazing honor

Today, my husband will be singing at Betty Ford's funeral service at our church in Grand Rapids.  The services for Mrs. Ford were held in California (where she has spent a lot of her life) and at Grace Episcopal Church in East Grand Rapids, MI.  This is the church we started attending after moving here and the church that B sings at every single week.  After the death of Mrs. Ford, a call was put out to all the choir members to see if they were able to sing, and B is taking off most of the day to be able to have this amazing experience.  I know he is really, really honored that they are allowing our small little church choir to sing at the previous first lady's funeral.  One of President Ford's funerals was also held at our church- amazing, huh?  There is a fantastic picture of the funeral in our gathering space at church that I always sit below when SYT gets fussy during the service.

I am praying that today the choir is at their best and that the family and friends of the Fords are happy with the musical performance.  I am also praying for Mrs. Ford and am thanking God for her amazing life on this Earth.  She was a truly amazing woman.


  1. Wow that is amazing. So was she, handled problems with class.

  2. Wow, what an honor! She was an amazing woman who helped so many people turn their lives around. May she rest in peace.


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