Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekly winner!!

Very fun surprise this Monday evening as I was checking FB.  I was the weekly winner on Salmon Cove's FB page!!  The weekly winner gets a $50 gift card towards Salmon Cove products.  I've blogged about the company before.  The quality of the shirt I already own is phenomenal, and it's the first shirt I  pull out of my closet when I need a polo (easy choice because it's navy, it's monogrammed, and it's seriously the perfect fit!!)

Pink and green!!

I would highly recommend "liking" the page on FB to see if you could also be one of the weekly winners!!  Why not, right?  Seriously, who would turn down this chance?  Let me know if you head over there or if you already own some of their products.

Now, the questions exists, do I get a long sleeved polo, a short sleeved polo, or do I buy B a new shirt??  Any advice? 

PS- Don't forget to check out their blog here!!

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  1. Love this brand, very high quality! Salmon Cove is the best. Perfect for summer and now they have tank tops! Yeaahhhhh!!!


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