Saturday, July 2, 2011

How many things can I check off my list??'s vacation time.  Let's all just take in one long, deep breath of the great northern air, shall we?  We arrived last night and after a dinner at my mom's, put SYT down for "nigh-nigh", and went on a long walk with just my darling hubby.  We had a nice long drive through a few new neighborhoods last night too, but more about that later.......

So, now that we're here, what are our plans?
*Playing tennis (this will be comical as B and I haven't played in years)
*Driving range for both of us
*At least 3 rounds of golf for B
*The full gammet of 4th of July activities, including the Paul Revere Run (a 3 miler- SYT's first!), the Harbor Springs Art Show, the parade, a party on the bluff, and fireworks
*Eating an ice cream cone
*Biking from Gram's into Harbor for said ice cream (we brought the burley with us)
*Pictures of SYT on the beach in the late afternoon/early evening
*Going out on my aunt and uncle's new boat
*Getting sandwiches from Gurney's
*Morning walks with the stroller brigade
*Afternoons on the beach
*Going out for breakfast (B and I have only been out for breakfast once in the last year - Easter brunch!)
*Proper cocktails
*A Vesper concert
*Socializing, socializing, socializing!

We're here, we're happy, we've got time to refresh and rejuvinate.  I'm hoping that your long weekend leads you into some happiness and rejuvination as well!!  I'm promising a picture overload when we return :) 


  1. loving this slice of your life :)



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