Friday, October 7, 2011

Marathon Weekend!!

Well, it's a huge weekend for B!  Sunday he runs his 2nd Chicago Marathon.  He is excited as he had a great 20 miler (ahead of pace) and has been feeling really good.  I know he's ready, he knows he's ready, and SYT has no idea what's going on, so we're all quite excited! 

It's going to be harder this time around to watch him as I'll have a stroller and toddler in tow, but I'm hoping we'll be able to see him a few times on the course!  The hardest part is that B will finish right at Spence's nap time.  So do you forgo the nap to watch your husband finish an amazing journey but deal with the aftermath at lunch with all your friends?  Or do you miss the finish line to make the rest of the afternoon more enjoyable?  I can't imagine not being there to support B, so we'll just have to roll as best we can with a mini nap while B showers and we pack the hotel room before lunch and pray that Spence doesn't melt throughout the lunch celebration.

We're leaving early Sat morning, we'll head to the expo and then go settle in at the hotel for a bit, hopefully getting some rest time/nap time in.  I'd like to hit a few stores in the afternoon (have to shop when I can peeps!!) and then we'll have an early dinner at our favorite Lebanese restaurant before tucking into bed to watch the Michigan game and fall asleep for our early morning.

A few people have thought it's weird that B wants Lebanese food as his pre-marathon meal.  He doesn't carbo load at all for races.  He always asks for clean protein, a carb side dish (pasta, rice, or potates) and a veggie.  This works for him.  We'll get the mixed grill at Semi Ramis (soooooo good!), grape leaves, and hummus, and call it an evening.  Clean, healthy, and delish!  I'll probably even convince him to order some extra hummus and pita so that we can take it home with us on Sunday!

B ran the marathon in just under 4:30 last time (4:29:45 if I'm remembering correctly- B you can correct me in the comments!!) and is hoping to come under that time this year.  I don't think he's looking to pound that time- just beat it by a few seconds to minutes.  I think if he comes in at 4:27, he'll be thrilled!  I'll be thrilled just to have him done and healthy!  It's going to be a WARM day out there which makes me a little nervous.  Runners like it cold, especially northern runners!!  A 75 degree day is great for spectators but not so much for my hubs!!

B, I'm so proud of you and all the dedication and time you've put into this.  Spence and I can't wait to see you on the course and cheer you on!!!  We've even got a tiny token of our love for afterwards!!!   If the going gets tough, just remember #it gets better (ha!) and think about that massage on Monday morning!!  Love you! 


  1. good luck B!! My stepdad always runs the Chicago marathon, but scheduling conflicts prevented him this year!

  2. Marathon runners are amazing. Good luck!!!


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