Friday, February 3, 2012

My Current State of Affairs

I saw this on Rare and Beautiful Treasures the other day, and I loved it and thought I'd do it myself.

current guilty pleasure: Pinterest and The Bump's baby name board

current nail color:  Natural (though I'm getting my first shellac in 2 weeks!)

current playlist:  NPR, The Wheels on the Bus

current read:  The Kitchen House (amazing), waiting for Game of Thrones from the Library

current drink:  Water, lots and lots of water..........

current food: Smoothies, Roasted broccoli.  Truly, right now, I am so flexible with food.  I haven't had a craving yet with this pregnancy (with Spence it was black beans and clementines all winter!)

current favorite show: Glee, hands down.

current wish list: 
 About 20 things from Bella Bliss's new spring catalog for SYT and Baby #2, a new monogrammed sweater for me, black boots that actually fit my "athletic" calves, a gorgeous new chandelier for our entryway, and some time in the kitchen.
current needs:  Baby #2's name!

current triumphs: Making it through this week at work while B was out of town for 3 of those days.  It was a tough week.  Winter viral season is in full force which makes for a VERY busy week at work.

current bane of my existence: Having enough energy to work out; no snow!!

current indulgence:  Ice cream (I had an amazing bowl at work today and it was so well deserved)
current blessing: Baby #2's kicks. 

current excitement: B comes home tonight; the painter starts next week; Spencer has learned so many words lately

current mood:  Happy, tired, blessed

Anyone want to play along?  It's a fun one!!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. love love love this post- totally doing it for next week, this weekend.

    happy weekend :)



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