Friday, February 17, 2012

Something all moms should read.

I read this blog post Monday, and while I don't have four kids (yet???  Just kidding, B!!), there are days when one (sweet and perfect (ha!)) toddler is enough to make me think I'm crazy for having another.  Most days, this is not the case, but let me tell you, getting him into the carseat when he is mad and doesn't want to is the worst.  I had zero concept of that prior to being a mom.  Or when he decides he is starving in the middle of the day and there are no more snacks in the diaper bag and he is screaming "Nack, Nack" over and over.  Or when whining takes over your toddler to the point where you want to send him to his room for inappropriate behavior (laughable for a 21 month old!). 

Most days, I adore being a mom more than I ever could imagine, but there are days.  For sure.  I think this post is the best I have ever read on the journey of motherhood.  We all judge; it's so easy to do.  But what is so important to remember is that everyone, you, I, children, husbands, bosses, EVERYONE has a bad day now and again, and just a little bit of kindness may be exactly what that person needs.  I compliment parents at work often (since I work in pediatrics and it's part of my job), but I don't ever think about it in public.  This is my reminder to myself that everyone appreciates and deserves compliments regularly and that it is always wonderful to hear that you are a great mom or dad and that your child is being very well behaved/respectful/polite/patient/funny, etc.  We're all trying very, very hard to do right by our children.  It's just not always perfect!!

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