Sunday, February 12, 2012


I am in a new place in my life, ladies.  It is called nesting and it has hit me HARD!  I do not remember this at all with pregnancy #1.  I remember people talking about it and I'm sure I thought I was by decorating the nursery, but it was nothing like this. 

Thursday I stayed home from work with a sick SYT, and I decided it was very important to scrub all the grout and caulk in our shower with a tiny scrub brush, windex the inside and outside of the glass shower, clean all of the shampoo/conditioner/facewash bottles, plus clean the rest of our master bath within an inch of its life.  Seriously, I even sanitized our toothbrushes.  Spence did get a kick out of "helping" in the shower, and it occupied most of the morning which was great.  Our shower looks absolutely fantastic 4 days later and I'm still impressed by how much cleaner the caulk looks.

This weekend I took down all the blinds upstairs and washed them all in the tub.  That is a disgusting job!  I've never seen so much dirt and dust.  It took forever too!!  Uggg.......  I also realized that a few of our blinds really do need to be replaced in a few rooms.  The strings are just really worn and don't go up or down evenly.  I also cleaned all the window casings and started on the baseboards.  Let me tell you, it's a good thing that we don't have bad allergies in this house.  Dust was definitely building up on top of our window casings (yes, I'm admitting I'm not a great housekeeper right now.  Just keeping it real!). 

While I was doing this, B was taking down all the towel bars in our upstairs bath, filling in the holes, and hanging all new ones.  The old towel bars were brass and wood and practically falling out of the walls thanks to an improper use of wall anchors.  We hung all new brushed nickel bars to match the sink fixtures.  This goes along with the taking down of the hideous brass and mirrored shower doors that we did two weekends ago.  I just bought the fabric to make the shower curtain, and as soon as we pick a name for this chap I have in my tummy, I will be ordering monogrammed towels for the boys as well.  Yea for an updated bathroom!!  (I do still want to paint it, but we're unsure yet if that will happen before or after the baby comes).

We still have a pretty good sized list of things to do before May, but I'm SO glad we were able to check quite a bit off the list this weekend.  It really is nice having snowy winter weekends to accomplish household chores.  If this were June, I'd get nothing done!! 

Any housekeeping stuff you checked off this week???

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  1. Hey, do you want to come nest at my house, lol. I don't know how I would survive if I was allergic to dust. It's always everywhere (or is that just *my* house?).


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