Thursday, February 9, 2012

Right before the Super Bowl, I saw the trailer for The Hunger Games.  I cannot wait for March 23rd!  I'm not sure B and I will actually go opening night (there's a chance we will be out of town that weekend), but we WILL be going.  That's what I've asked for for Valentine's Day- a date before the baby comes to see the movie of the book I loved.  I'm not sure if B will love it or hate it, but he's being sweet enough to go with me. 

Anyone else planning on seeing it?  I know a ton of you have read it.  I'm not sure it'll live up to the books (that's always hard, though The Help was pretty much spot on), but I still think it will be really good.  Oh, and if you loved Hunger Games and haven't yet read Divergent by Veronica Roth, get thee to a bookstore, a library or a Kindle near you and DO IT.  You will not regret it!!!


  1. AEOT- I'm going! I'm taking a group of kids probably to the midnight showing opening night, and again the next night for the younger kids. Waiting on tickets, but would happily wrap you and B into the deal if you want to go Thurs or Fri! :) Can't wait!

  2. I live in Greensboro NC and the movie was filmed not too far from here. We read the book in book club and the daughter of one of the women in the book club is an extra in the movie. She is in the Reaping scene when Katniss steps up to take her sister's place. We are all definitely going and so excited to see the daughter. The other night we watched the trailer and the mom pointed out her daughter!


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