Thursday, March 1, 2012

31 weeks

Apparently, I will NOT win blogger of the year.  I haven't posted in weeks and really have little excuse besides trying our best to get our house ready for this new little one to arrive.  We've been working on projects most nights and every weekend in hopes that all will be done and organized prior to May.  We're definitely getting there but with work, dinner, normal coming home at night stuff, playing with Spence, etc it leaves us little time in the evenings to get much done, so our weekends are jam packed!

As for this little guy, he is doing well and I am growing to prove it!!  He is currently measuring about a week and a half ahead of schedule.  I'm not shocked with how big Spencer was.  I'm guessing he will be a big guy too (which is GREAT!).  He is much busier than I remember Spencer being with his kicks, jumps, twitches and punches.  B says that occasionally in the middle of the night, he can feel him moving around like crazy while I'm sleeping!  I have no doubt he'll be an active one once outside the womb too!

I am having a really hard time sleeping right now due to constant dreams.  Very weird dreams, I might add.  Never the same one over and over, always totally new and weird enough to wake me up and having very vivid recollections.  I would say that I wake up 2-5 times a night from dreams right now.  I never have to go to the bathroom (which is nice to not have to get out of bed) but I do often have to haul my belly to my other side and switch positions in order to fall back asleep.  It's definitely frustrating but apparently not uncommon in pregnancy.

I passed my 2 hour glucose test a few weeks ago but also found out that I'm pretty dang anemic.  My hemoglobin is 9.4 (supposed to be above 11).  It was low with Spencer too but only got as low as 9.6.  I'm on an iron supplement on top of my daily prenatal which is fine.  I do one in the morning and one at night.  I'll get my hemoglobin checked at all my visits from here on out and, if it's not improving, then I'll have to have IV iron therapy.  I didn't have to have this with Spence and I can't imagine I'll have to do it this time around either.  They're slightly more worried this time in case I have to have another c-section but I don't have any symptoms (maybe a slight bit of fatigue, but I'm pregnant, working full time and chasing after a toddler, so no more than anyone else in my shoes!), so I'm not as worried.  Plus after I gave birth last time I didn't have problems, so I'm sure I'll be fine this time around again!!  What I think is funny is that I am a true lover of red meat and eat spinach a few times a week, so I would be the last person one would expect to have such bad iron levels :)

We still have not decided on a name but we've been using one more than any of the others, so it's a strong contender.  I'm not having anything monogrammed yet though (and I do have a list of things to monogram already!!).  Simon and Oliver are the names that over and over people are suggesting to us.  I wonder how popular they really are since I don't know any little ones with those names but apparently people think they would go well with Spencer and with our last name.  It's odd how different people from our lives keep popping up with the same names.  Neither are currently our favorites, but maybe they should be?? 

So that's what's going on in the past few weeks with this pregnancy.  I'm glad it's only 9 weeks left but am also wondering how we'll adjust to having two little ones to attend to.  It's definitely going to be an adjustment for all of us!!

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  1. Missing you like piles but know that you're busybusybusy. Thinking of you and your dudes often. Love and kisses from the Bean :)




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